Fostering – Terms & Conditions

LAST UPDATED: December 2020

This page sets out the main terms and conditions under which the Owner [Birdline U.K. Ltd.] makes an agreement with a Foster carer to provide long term care for a Birdline bird and its progeny (if any).

This document is for reference purposes only and is provided here so that prospective Fosterers may understand the obligations which they will be agreeing to. Please ensure you read the actual Foster contract prior to signing, as it is subject to change from time to time.

Requirements of Fostering

  1. Fostering is a long-term arrangement to care for a Birdline owned bird.
  2. Fostering is conditional on maintaining continuous membership to Birdline U.K. Ltd. and the Foster Carer must agree to renew their membership on an annual basis.
  3. If at any time the membership payment is twenty eight days in arrears (whether formally demanded or not) the Owner has the right to demand the return of the bird(s) and/or any other equipment.
  4. The Foster Carer will permit the Owner or his agents to inspect the bird(s), and their health and living environment.
  5. The Foster Carer will not move the bird out of the United Kingdom.
  6. The Foster Carer must not by any action or deed either spoken, or written, suggested or by any other means, bring the Owner into disrepute. Nor make any entry on any social networking media, relating to the Owner, its members, its staff, volunteers or its property, including any bird(s) that may be seen as to bring the Owner into disrepute.
  7. The Foster carer must not use the birds for any commercial activity, without our prior consent. This includes but is not limited to using photographs of the birds, selling feathers and attending fee paying events with the birds.

Legal Title to the Birds

  1. The bird(s) (including any and all progeny) are the property of the Owner and will remain so for the rest of its / their natural life.
  2. As the bird(s) is the property of Birdline U.K. Ltd. that if the bird(s) is micro-chipped by the Foster Carer, the microchip is put in the Owner’s name being Birdline U.K. Ltd. (Any existing micro-chip will also have been put in the Owner’s name).
  3. The Foster Carer cannot obtain any right, title, or interest in the bird(s) or the property.
  4. The Owner may terminate the agreement with the Foster Carer at any time and demand return of the birds with 24 hours notice.
  5. The bird(s)’ equipment (if supplied) also belongs to the Owner.
  6. If for any reason, the Foster Carer is ever unable to keep the bird(s), they will immediately notify the Owner and arrange to return the bird(s).
  7. The Foster Carer agrees not to pass the bird(s) to anyone else without the prior approval of the Owner.
  8. The Foster Carer agrees to make appropriate arrangements for the bird to be returned to the Owner in the event that they pre-decease the bird.
  9. The Owner is entitled to make amendments to this contract by way of 14 days written notice to the Foster Carer.


  1. The Owner makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, and assumes no liability for health, age, temperament (including the capacity to bite), behaviour, talking ability or condition of any birds available for placement.
  2. The Foster Carer understands the inherit risks of housing and handling exotic birds and shall not hold the Owner responsible for any injury suffered, or damage to or loss of any chattel caused by the bird(s).

Responsibilities of the Foster Carer

  1. To inform the Owner if they intend to move house/accommodation or change telephone number or email address and to ensure the new details are given to the Owner.
  2. To endeavor to attend any training sessions that Birdline invites the Foster Carer to go to.
  3. To review all information pertaining to the health/welfare/husbandry and any other additional information about the bird(s) made available by the Owner
  4. To provide the bird(S) with fresh water, food, toys, any supplements and a clean, well ventilated living space.
  5. To keep the bird(s) in a smoke free environment.
  6. To provide an appropriate diet for the bird(s) as prescribed by the Owner.
  7. To provide an Owner approved bird carrier with suitable size and bar spacing for the bird(s). NB. Cat boxes are not appropriate.
  8. To immediately notify their ACO or Rescue Manager should the bird(s) show any signs of illness.
  9. To take the bird(s) to the Owner’s recommended qualified avian veterinary if necessary.
  10. To abide by the Owners policy on wing clipping. To only clip if advised by the Owner that this procedure is necessary and to ensure the clip is carried out by an authorised volunteer or a recommended avian vet.
  11. To maintain a suitable insurance policy for the bird(s) to cover all insurable veterinary treatment and to evidence this policy on request.
  12. To continue any treatment deemed necessary by a qualified Avian vet and the Owner or its agents.
  13. To cover the cost of non-insurable veterinary bills such as nail clipping.
  14. To release any or all information relating to treatment of the bird(s) and/or post-mortem results and findings from a qualified Avian Vet to the Owner or his representatives.
  15. To understand that birds are highly intelligent and need regular interaction, constant care and patience.
  16. To give the bird(s) all the attention, affection, interaction and mental stimulation they will need and treat them like a member of their family.
  17. To ensure the bird’s live a life free of verbal or physical abuse – to themselves and to others (whether they be human or animal) which they cohabit with.
  18. To understand that the bird(s) may need time to adjust to his/her new environment and agree to work with him/her to safely assist this adjustment.
  19. To understand that questions or concerns will arise as to the proper care and behaviour of the bird(s), and to agree to contact the Owner with these questions/concerns.

Failure to Comply

  1. If at any time, it becomes the opinion of the Owner or the Owner’s agents, that these conditions are not being met, the Owner may reclaim the bird(s), irrespective of any donation made or other expenditures incurred by the Foster carer.
  2. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this agreement may constitute grounds for demanding the return of the bird(s) and the property.
  3. Reasons for demanding return are not restricted to any such breach of terms and conditions; that being within the discretion of the Owner or his representative.
  4. Failure to comply with any part of this agreement may cause the Owner concern regarding the safety and welfare of the bird(s) and may result in the bird(s) being seized by the Constabulary in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006
  5. Failure to return the bird(s) and the property, may constitute a theft and result in criminal and/or civil action being taken. In such instance, the costs associated with this action will be the responsibility of the Foster carer.

Appendix A – Show Bird Terms and Conditions

  1. Foster Carers of show birds are responsible to ensure the birds attend all fund-raising events as requested by the Owner. This may include chaperoning the bird to the event or arranging for collection by an agent of the Owner, and transportation to and from said even.
  2. The Owner may show discretion when instances of being unable to comply with some events.  If the Owner deems this term is being breached or the Foster Carer is unable to comply with this term the bird must be returned to the Owner or his agent.