Jessie – African Grey – 011118 – Updated!!

Hello, my name is Jessie (Jess). I am a 6-year-old African Grey. I am very sweet natured but can be very nervous.
I love spending time out of my cage, sliding down the door and having a flap about.
I like to interact with my safehouse mum and will give her kisses, let her stroke my head, and give me tickle tummy. I will hold her finger with my foot to stop her going anywhere because I want more head scratches.

I like to play games, so my safehouse mum will say whoop and lean to the right, then again to the left and I will copy, we get faster and faster then I start bobbing up and down. I am affectionate and will give kisses and lick her face and run my beak through her hair. I love to chew wooden toys and swing upside down on my perches. I don’t like to step up or be picked up but will come to my name and a tap indicating where to go.
I like my own space, I don’t mind you joining me in my space and being patient for me to come to you. Occasionally I will fly to a sofa, but would rather you sit near my cage. I am not that confident and need the security of my cage.
I am not a fussy eater I love all fruits and most veg except pea’s. I like my veg cooked, not so keen on it raw.

I need a patient mummy that doesn’t mind not having a bird on their shoulder, I have no desire to be on you and am really not comfortable with the idea. When someone strokes or handles me and I am unsure I will make kissing noises, this is me saying I am not comfortable and do not like it. With time and patience this may increase but I am just not ready yet.
I am used to an active house with calm medium sized dogs. I share a room with other grey’s and like to chat and whistle with them.
My ideal new mum would be a youngish female/s that will give me time, patience and slowly help boost my confidence. A future foster carer would be happy to play dancing games, hold newspaper so I can shred it and play tug the newspaper. You need to be confident as I need your confidence to help me.
My safe house mum loves me to bits and is happy to help me settle and show you what I like and don’t like.
Please come along and meet me first to see if I like you.  

Cage: Yes

Location: Sussex  

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