Lulu – African Grey – 031018

Hello my name is Lulu, I am 26 years young. Although my foster mum calls me a stubborn old lady sometimes.

I do have a plucking habit but my safe house mum says i’m beautiful. I currently live in a very busy and lively home, but I don’t mind that. In the day I love to sit in my cage and watch everyone play. There is a Toddler in the house which I like to watch play on the floor at the bottom of my cage. Although I can get a bit scared when she gets to close.

I can be very adventurous when settled in and love to wonder about being mischievous. When I’m like this my safe house mum gives me lots of things to keep me distracted… I love shredding newspapers, toilet rolls or Argos catalogues. These keep me very busy.

I much prefer my safe house mum to safe house dad, I find men quite scary and definitely need to be with a lady. I have a lot of love to give and can be an amazing companion bird as long as I get my toast and head scratch every morning.

Cage: Yes

Location: Barry, Wales

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