Nicky – Orange Winged Amazon – 3270716

Hello, my name is Nicky. I am an 18-year-old Winged Amazon. I am a friendly, very chatty bird but I can be a bit nervous. If you are patient with me, I do get used to new things. I have started to enjoy a head scratch, more so when I’m away from my cage. I’m more comfortable with my female carer, but I’m not too bothered by her partner, I’ll still give him lots of kisses when he gives me a treat. Oh, and by the way, my favourite treat is mashed banana on toast.

I’m happiest around and on my cage, but I have been getting used to sitting in the window on my shopping basket. I don’t like to stand on any perch outside of my cage but my safehouse people have been placing new perches in my cage and I am getting much better at using them, putting my food bowls near them have helped with all the different textures and colours. I’m not a destructive bird and don’t chew things. On a warm day I love to go outside in my cage and have a shower. I prefer my showers in my cage, but this can be a bit messy inside, so I’ve been getting used to going up to the bathroom and sitting on my basket in the bath.

I have been living in a house with two dogs and two other Orange Winged Amazons.

I will be well suited to a calm quiet household, but I do need someone who can carry on showing me how things are done. At my safe house I have been learning to step up, I’m not a fan of stepping onto perches but I will go onto my shopping basket (especially for a power treat!). This is also a good time to try and give me a head scratch as I like to be comforted when I’m being taken away from my cage. I will only stand on your arm if I’ve ended up on the floor and I’m desperate to get up, I think someone could teach me how to step up properly with time and patience though. I would very much like that! I need someone who’s got time to be my new best mate and give me reassurance when I don’t understand something. I like to whistle tunes and I am very chatty; I also love to have a good laugh so I would really like it if my new fosterer was the same.

Cage: Yes

Location: Dorchester

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