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Sally - African Grey - 100620 (Special Case).

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sally and I am a 46year old female Congo African Grey.

My previous owners had me from a baby and I was a much loved member of the family for 46years, but my owners have got much older, so thought it best to rehome me, as they were concerned they would not be able to give me the love and attention that I require.

I have been with my Safehouse mum and dad and their bird ”Harry”. When I arrived I was taken to the vets because I had a rhinolith in my right nare which as I’m a clever lady I removed myself, whilst I was seeing the nice vet man he found out I have a heart murmur and asthma and I also have arthritis, oh the joys of getting older. I am on medication daily for the arthritis but do not have to see the nice vet again unless I start to feel poorly.

Now as I am an older lady I do like to sit on the top of my cage and watch the world go by out of the window.

I do prefer my safe house mum as she gives me wonderful head scratches.

I am set in my ways, so I come out of my cage by myself and climb up my Safehouse mum to sit with her, I also put myself away in my cage.

I do only tolerate my safe house dad because if he is not careful, I can give him a little nip.

I am looking for a forever home, my preferences are the lady of the house and is to be my main carer, I would prefer it if I was the only bird in the house, as I am an older lady I do like a nice quiet environment, I don’t mind if you work during the day as I do like to watch the world go by ( or be a nosey neighbour LOL ).

I will need a new cage as my old one is not suitable for me, if you think you would be able to offer me this then please do apply for me.

Please do not let my age or my health issues go against me, I just need someone to love me.

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African Grey
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