Corky & Floyd – Orange Winged Amazons – 4700613 4710613 – Special Case.

Hello my name is Corky and I live with my best friend Floyd.

I’m a placid bird but will let you know when I want something or feel unhappy about a situation. I only have one eye but it does not affect me but you must not approach me on my blind side as I will nip, its because I cant see you approaching. Floyd he’s like me, relaxed and calm unless he is upset by something. Floyd only has one foot and still manages ok. We do not like other birds and will warn them off if they get too close, so a home with no other birds please. We really are only frightened of 2 things, children and the hoover. We do warn off any furries that come too close to our cage.

I, Corky will step up onto you arm and will stay on you arm until I have had enough then it will return to my cage. We both prefer men but are ok with women.

Together we are looking for a quite home where our carers are happy to feed us, love us and let us out to play and exercise . Sorry I speak all the time for Floyd but I’m just the more confident bird .

Location: Devon

Cage: Yes

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