Stitch – Indian Ringneck – 040119

Hi my name is Stitch, I am a beautiful Indian Ringneck.

I love being out of my cage and showing off my flying skills. I love my food and will quite happily accept food from anyone, my mum and dad say I can get a bit cage aggressive at times but after all it is my home which Birdline bought for me new so I’ve got too look after it. 

I am a proper little lady and love too keep myself clean so a spray shower every morning is a must until I am soaking wet you will see how much iI love it if you give me a home. When I want attention I can make a sound like a seagull that can be 2 to 3 times a day but wait until you hear the sweet sounds I make too.

I can be a bit of a show off with my head you will see what I mean once I meet you. I like children and dogs not sure about cats as I’ve never met them. I can annoy other birds at times so time out of the cage is my time so the other birds will have to go into their cage yes I know im a bit bossy im a lady you see I like all the attention, but if I can have a home with no other birds that would be even better.

Cage: Yes

Location: Ceredigion, Wales 

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