Whybird – White Fronted Amazon – 3510816

Hello, my name is Whybird, I am a beautiful White Fronted Amazon.

Like all Amazons. I can be very vocal, especially when I am excited. I do not really like to be handled but when I learn to trust you, I will fly to you and will step up. I am ok with females, but I really prefer men, so a male carer will be ideal. I am used to having my cage opened and flying to my play stand in the morning when its my breakfast time. You know what birds are like, stomachs always come first.

I like my own space and like to fly around the house. My cage is my sanctuary and I can be territorial when I am in It, so please mind your fingers.

I like the African Grey here and try to make friends with him, but he is not interested.

I am used to having someone around most of the day, so it would be nice for me if there is a man around who maybe works from home. My cage is open most of the day so I can please myself how I come and go.

Cage: Yes

Location: Bristol

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