Cage Fund

Why do we need cages? Some of our birds are found birds and don’t have a cage, perches or toys to call their own. Other birds have lived in unsuitable cages prior coming to us – typically these will have been way too small for the bird, or so filthy that they’ve rusted and are unsafe.

We also need transport carriers to help collect found birds or to move birds from unsuitable homes, particularly if a mass evacuation is required.

Even if you can only manage £1, remember that with us, every penny gets spent on the birds to help them have a happy life. We and the birdline flock would be so very grateful for your support.

If you have a cage in great condition, with no rust patches to donate to help birds in this situation, do please get in touch and if we have someone in your area, we will gladly come and get it.

Nuts about birds?

What help do our parrots need?

Approximately 50% of the income we receive each year goes on paying vet bills for birds who come to us in poor states of health. From broken legs, to metal toxicity, to self-mutilation and critical illness caused by egg binding, it takes a lot of time, dedication and of course money to rehabilitate and treat sick birds.

Below you will see a few suggestions of the types of costs Birdline has in order to provide the best quality of life for the birds in our care.

We and the Birdline flock would be so, so, so grateful for your support.