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Hi Everyone, Now that I have been with my safe house mum for a few months, it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Alfie, and I’m about 35 years old - so still a spring chicken! Unfortunately I have some ongoing health problems and am having to spend a lot of time at the vets, all of which Birdline is kindly paying for as I wasn’t insured when my condition started.
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I had a very large calcium deposit, called a rhinolith in my right nostril, this grew and grew and started to erode through my tissue and bone into the infraorbital sinus.

As this was left untreated it turned into a chronic condition called Rhinolithiasis. Even now the rhinolith has been removed by my super-duper avian vet, my nostrils still get infected and full of puss and debris. This means, I have had to have repeated procedures to clear my sinus cavities and multiple courses of antibiotics to help the infections go away. Mum says I am a good baby, as I take my prescribed meds easily,

According to my safehouse mum the gunk in my nostrils smells really yucky when its infected, and she has to clean them out every other day. I REALLY don’t like this and sometimes I try and bite my safehouse mum, to stop her from doing it, but I know she is only trying to make me better, so I give her lots of kisses aferwards.

To help with my breathing and prevent my nostrils getting too blocked, my safehouse mum nebulises me several times a week. But, this is way better then when I first came to her and was being nebulised four times a day. She also takes me into the bathroom with her when she has a shower. I perch on a towel rail with a baby mat underneath in case I fall. The humidity really helps apparently – but I just love it because I get one-to-one time with Mum.

Due to being so poorly I am severely underweight. Although I’ve put on over 40g since coming here, I’ve still got very little fat coverage on my keel bone. Mum worries that if I fall, I could easily do serious damage to myself. As I’m super clumsy, don’t have much bone and muscle strength and lose my balance really easily, this makes her worry even more. I’m not strong enough to fly, but mum holds me up and does zoomies so I can flap my wings and feel like I’m flying! I also love it when Mum takes me outside in my harness so I can feel the wind and sun on my feathers.

I still have a long journey ahead of me; with many more vets visits (and bills) in my future. But I can do it! I love getting up to mischief, getting lots of attention and cuddles. I do get my way a lot hee hee as I am really really handsome, with big bambi eyes and mum is a sucker for ‘that look’ .

Sadly as this is a pre-existing problem I am not covered on insurance. I do understand that times are hard for everyone currently, So can you please check down the back of the sofa for some spare change, or almonds to help pay for my surgeries, ongoing checkups, meds and all the extras I need so I can breathe properly again and live a full and active life?

Thanks Alfie xxx


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