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Hi, my name is Ken but I call myself Ken Ken. My partner, Amber and I came into Birdline in early November. Sadly, our Dad loved us but was unable to care for us anymore due to health issues. Unfortunately ‘old school’ methods meant that our cage and diet was not adequate for us, we were given mite treatment in the wrong quantity resulting in feather loss, we were lacking in vitamins as you can see from my feather colouring, Amber is suffering with breathing issues and has a problem with one of her wings. Luckily now, we have Birdline and with our safehouse mum they are going to help get us better again.

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Here we are after having just arrived at our safehouse, we are in a travel cage whilst our safehouse mum sets up a spare cage for us as ours was far too small and not suitable for parrots. We also sent her out to buy us some toys and big perches so that we could share and sit together.

On our first night it became apparent that my girlfriend Amber had this clicking noise when she was breathing and she wasn’t holding her wing normally. The humans decided that she needed nebulising right away to help open her airways until they could get her an appointment.

Amber is not very tame, so this would be quite stressful for her to be rushed off whilst settling and with breathing issues. We needed to let her settle, get some rest and assist her with nebulising before stressing her more with an (at the time not necessary) vet trip.
Before long we were at the vets, as you can see we were right to wait as Amber was exhausted. Our safehouse had already booked a room with a Birdline member, which was local to the vets so we could rest and didn’t have to drive home the same day. Amber was prescribed medication- much to her disgust! Pain relief for her wing and antibiotics twice a day. Our vet was surprised we were not suffering seizures with previous incorrect dosage of mite treatment. Due to Amber’s breathing it was deemed unsafe to put her under anesthetic. We had to get her more stable before she would be considered for this. Our safehouse also sent fecal samples off for testing, which came back clear.

Our safehouse was advised to nebulise us as often as she can, she has had a humidifier running with F10 and takes us in the shower room to give us the best chance of getting Amber prepped for an anesthetic. Here you can see here how Amber isn’t holding her wing normally.

Although Amber is not hand tame, she will tolerate being a good ba ba birdy (I suffer with a stutter when I talk) and perches with me whilst in the shower room. This will help her breathing and both of our feather conditions. There is also a crash mat underneath just in case she slips.Amber is getting used to the routine and sits beautifully whilst having a nice chill in the shower room.

Amber is now looking brighter after over a month of medication and enjoying her fresh fruit and veg. I do too and make lots of mmmmm noises.

What’s the plan now?

Well Amber has an appointment booked for today because her breathing still isn’t right. We have had to stop medications in order to gain accurate test results.  I will be going too for support and we will be staying over again locally to the vet for her 9 am appointment. Amber will be going under anesthetic to have blood tests and x-ray’s on her wing. We hope to establish what’s going on and work out a treatment plan for her.
Our safehouse has been placed on lockdown for the time being for safety to us and other ba ba birdies. We will remain in quarantine until the vet says otherwise.

I love my girlfriend very much and could not imagine my life without her. So this year, all I want is Amber safe and well and by my side for many years to come.   

Can you please help me care for my girlfriend this year?

Update: 31/12/21
Amber pulled through the anesthetic and is back home with me. I couldn’t be more thrilled as I have been looking for my ba ba birdy all day.
The results of Amber’s x-ray shows that she has thoracic air sacs. This means there are shadows in the upper front of her air sacs which in the ba ba birdy world, means she unfortunately has Aspergillus and will now need expensive medication to help her survive this condition. The x-ray also showed that she has a granuloma covering the liver and kidney area. Bloods were also taken and we are awaiting results. The injury causing Amber’s wing to drop is an old injury with no breaks or fractures. This has probably been caused by trauma and arthritis.

Ambers medication alone will cost over £600.00 and her vet bill today was £477.83 Amber really needs our help to give her the care she needs.
Please donate to help my ba ba birdy. Love Ken Ken.

Update: July 2022. Poor Amber.

Not one but two emergency out of hours vet visits.

Poor Amber was rushed off to the vets on Saturday 2nd July with suspected egg binding after her safehouse saw her looking lethargic, squinting her eyes and generally not herself. Amber was placed in her travel cage and on oxygen whilst phone calls were made for an appointment.  Sadly on a Saturday afternoon qualified avian vets are exceptionally difficult to source, but we managed to obtain an appointment 40 mins away.  Amber traveled well and received oxygen throughout the journey. Once at the vets, her safehouse asked the receptionist to place Amber on oxygen whilst waiting for the vet. 

The vet could hear the damage from the aspergillosis and a possible heart murmur but could not feel an egg initially. X-Rays did confirm there was a soft egg, however it was quite high up in her pelvis. Amber was now getting tired and looking drained, due to Amber’s aspergillosis resulting in air sac damage and breathing difficulties and now with a suspected heart murmur, any form of sedation is out the window as its so high risk. 

The vet did consider euthanisation, due to all her issues.  After everything we have been through surely this can’t be it?!  The vet then wanted to admit Amber into their care.

Her safehouse had a gut feeling this wasn’t right and after yet another call to one of the directors, a slightly heated discussion between the vet and the safehouse it was decided to discharge Amber and transfer her to another vet to give Amber a chance. 

Whilst this was risky, it was clear that Amber still had fight in her, she could perch and was trying to bite, she hadn’t given up! So we were going to do everything in our power to obtain a second opinion. 

So another emergency call was made from the car with Amber still receiving oxygen on route. The next vets were filled in with as much information as possible and they were prepared to try to help her.



The vet could feel the egg, she was then able to deflate and draw 5.5ml of fluid from the egg. Amber was then given inter-muscle calcium which also contained glucose and within 10 minutes Amber was perking up. The relief on Amber’s face said it all as she was no longer struggling with the pressure from the soft egg and the inability to push it through her pelvis.

The vet was happy for Amber to return home with painkillers and antibiotics. The hurdle was now getting Amber through the next few hours and then through the night. The vets remained on stand-by should Amber decline in any way. Her safehouse mum stayed by her side on the floor all night, with Amber in her travel cage on the chair next to Ken Ken. Amber declined food, even her favorite and just wanted to rest for the evening. 

After a very long night and reaching morning Amber started eating and drinking. At 10.15am Amber had managed to pass the remainder of the egg! What a relief!!  





What a difference! 

How amazing is she!! Her dear man Ken Ken has been going back and forth from the food bowl and carrying over fruit and veg for her to take.

Amber remained on yet more medication for the next week due to infection risk. Amber was considered high risk for the week, as soon as she was considered fit we were back at yet another vet to have an implant fitted costing an additional £196.85


Sadly despite a boost in calcium this is the second soft egg that she has had trouble passing resulting in a previous vet emergency, out of hours less than 6 weeks ago costing £291.84 on 31.05.22

Yet again Amber needs your help and support. The first vet has already sent an invoice for £275 and the second emergency bill was £195.68. 

Despite all of Amber’s issues she is a fighter and for as long she fights, so will Birdline for her right to life.

We are so grateful to the second vet for giving Amber that chance and helping her through this ordeal and ultimately saving her life! Please keep fingers and toes crossed for no more eggs. 

Thank you again for all your support. 

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