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Meet Andy, a feathered friend who embarked on a challenging journey to better health and happiness. When Andy first came into Birdline he was overweight. After having blood tests, it revealed Andy had a fatty liver, and high Cholesterol and was put on two different medications. Enalapril, a medication commonly used for high blood pressure and heart failure, and L-carnitine, an amino acid often used as a weight loss supplement.

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Despite his foster parent’s best efforts to provide him with a healthy diet, Andy continued to face weight control issues and mysterious ‘funny turns’ that resembled strokes. The veterinarians suggested that these issues could be linked to his diet, proposing that healthier feeding habits might resolve the problems. However, Andy had always been treated to the best, with no unhealthy indulgences, making it clear that the root cause was yet to be identified.

Roll on to 2023…

Little did we know that the key to his well-being would lie in uncovering an underlying a further medical condition. In a breakthrough earlier this year, one vet hypothesized that Andy might be facing a thyroid problem. The introduction of a medication called Thyforon marked a turning point in Andy’s health journey. The positive effects were not long in coming, as Andy experienced a dramatic improvement in his overall well-being. Not only did he shed the excess weight he had been carrying, but he also gained a newfound energy and vitality. No longer trudging around or moving at a slow pace, he embraced a new lease of life. The once sedentary bird became much more active and quicker in his movements, showcasing the positive impact of addressing the underlying thyroid issue.

As Andy’s weight continued to decrease, regular check-ups with the veterinarians became crucial. The dosage of his medications had to be carefully adjusted to suit his changing health status. This ongoing monitoring ensured that Andy’s treatment plan evolved with his improving health. Today, Andy stands as a testament to the power of accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.

He is now a much healthier and happier bird and he continues to thrive as a cherished member of our family, Andy’s story serves as an inspiration for pet owners facing similar health mysteries in their beloved companions.

Andy will be on medication for the rest of his life. He is not insured (due to existing condition clauses). Please sponsor Andy to ensure he continues to thrive. Without your help, birds like Andy would struggle to find a forever home.

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