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Rani was sadly handed into birdline when her owner’s decline in health meant she was no longer able to look after her. She is a feisty little lady, whose name means Queen, and she really does live up to expectations, being imperious at times! She has really blossomed whilst living with her new foster mummy. However, she does have some long term health problems and needs your support.

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Rani is a tiny green cheek conure, but what she is missing in stature, she makes up for in personality. It is not polite to ask an old lady her age, but we have it on good authority she’s approximately 18.

Unfortunately Rani came to birdline with severe health problems. She has a deformity of the beak, known as scissor beak, which is a misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. Damage to the growth plate means that her upper beak is also badly scarred and regularly breaks. These problems were more than likely caused by an injury to the beak at a young age. The deformity means that without proper vet care Rani’s beak can become overgrown.


When Rani came into birdline she was struggling to eat and severely malnourished – weighing in at only 46g (typical weight for a gcc is 60-70g). Her poor body condition led to a lowered immune system and she also had a nasty bacterial infection which required several doses of anti-fungals and antibiotics. Rani was also in significant pain and would scream and scream, especially when trying to pass droppings.

She really was quite poorly and traumatised and all she wanted to do was cling to her foster mum and snuggle.

After several visits to the vet it was decided that it was necessary to give her an xray under anaesthetic to ensure she wasn’t egg bound. This was not a decision to be taken lightly, especially considering her overall poor health. Fortunately she came through fine and it was determined that egg laying in poor condition caused soft tissue damage. With pain killers, better nutrition, vitamin supplements and time she has recovered. However, considering her tiny stature there is a risk that the same thing could happen again in the future.

Nearly two years later Rani’s feather condition and general health is much improved and she is now an inquisitive adventurous cheeky conure. She doesn’t let her beak problems stop her from doing anything – in fact please don’t tell her she’s a special needs bird. She doesn’t realise that she is disabled you see. You may even occasionally see Rani at birdline events, she likes to go out and meet people, even if it does mean she has to put up with wearing a harness

The cost of Rani’s care to date has come to over £1000 and she will continue to need bi-monthly visits to trim her beak. She is a real trooper and takes these visits in her stride.

Please could you help keep Rani’s beak in shape, so she can happily munch her way through her favourite food?

UPDATE: November 2023

Rani has been in her current foster home for 6 years now, and she has really blossomed. From a shy scared bird she has turned into an independent sociable little lady. She loves visitors, especially male ones, she is a bit of a flirt you see! Rani loves to go out and about in her harness and meet and greet people, and to sit outside in the aviary and feel the wind in her feathers and the sun on her beak. She has to have a beak trim approximately every two months, to keep it trim and in shape, but she takes this in her stride as she is very use”d to having it done. She is much loved and is a very loving little bird. If she could say more words then “good girl”, “vegetable” and “hey kiddo”, she would thank you for your support of Birdline and for providing the means, to keep her healthy and happy.

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