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Hi I’m an adventurous little budgie with a mysterious past. I was found in the BBC Garden in White City, London, in August 2021. I was exhausted and very hungry. The kind man who found me called Birdline, who collected me and tried to find my owner. Despite placing adverts in lots of places, my owner still hasn’t been found. A few days after being rescued, I fell off my swing and ended up at the bottom of the cage, unable to put weight on one of my legs.

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Sky with his leg in splint and protective bandage.

The lady who is looking after me, took me to the avian vet, who took an x-ray, and confirmed a break which was so far down towards my foot that it was impossible to pin. Whist under anesthetic he gave me a splint and bandage. As the break damaged the tissue under the skin on my leg, I have to have antibiotics and painkillers every day. I DO NOT LIKE THIS and squeak my objection LOUDLY.

The vet explained that I have metabolic bone disease (low bone density) which likely contributed to the break. This is probably caused by a poor quality millet diet, which didn’t have enough nutrients. I get offered all sorts of seeds, pellets, veggies and fruit now. I find all this stuff quite strange and am not brave enough to try eating most of it yet. I also have calcium supplements in my water, to help make my bones stronger and my leg mend. My carer is really pleased because I am now able to bear a little weight on my poorly foot.

My first vet bill cost £ 320 and I will need at least one further appointments to check on my leg and remove the splint when I am all healed. As I am only in the temporary care of Birdline when I had my accident, I wasn’t insured by them, so if you could help Birdline with these expenses I’d really appreciate it.


Sky, before he broke his leg.

Animal lovers Jane Fallon and Ricky Gervais have kindly taken an interest in my plight, and will donate a signed hardback of Jane’s latest book “Worst, Idea, Ever.’ and an autographed photo of Ricky –  both dedicated specifically to the winners.

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Birdline would like to thank both Jane and Ricky for their generous support.

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