Data Use Policy

How we collect data

Personal data such as name, email, phone, mobile number and mailing address is collected through forms and by purchases made on the website. The forms we use include:

  • Membership application forms and online applications
  • Lifelong care agreement
  • Home check forms
  • Safehouse agreements
  • Foster agreements
  • Bird receipts

We keep both paper based and electronic versions of all paperwork at or It is against our policy that volunteers  keep any Birdline documents in personal clouds or locally on their devices. Paper forms are secured, scanned, emailed and posted to the Data Manager as soon as possible by Area Coordinators and Area Managers. Paper forms relating to each bird are stored in filing cabinets, in a locked storage unit, at the head office.

Electronic data is kept with organisations which are committed to operating in accordance with the GDPR. We have opted for business level products so our users are not subjected to advertising. The organisations we use to store and manage our data are: Wordpress, Google G-Suite and Microsoft, whose policies and procedures are available on the internet. There is a standard cookie policy pop up on the website which users must accept or reject.

All users may apply to have their details removed from the website and the scanned and paperbased membership records by contacting the Data Manager.

However where this data relates to a bird kept by the user, a record of the users details will be on the birds records and therefore will not be removed. In order for us to successfully manage each bird, we need to know all its’ previous owners and circumstances, therefore those records need to be kept.

All home check forms and phone interview records need to be kept, including failed applications, in order for us to ensure future applications from those individuals are rejected, in order to protect the birds. Members need to be aware that all public data including profiles on social media may come under scrutiny when homechecks and Rehoming interviews are conducted.

When a member cancels their membership as a result of a complaint, records are kept of  the complaint, and the member, for compliance purposes. If said member wishes to have their membership information removed they can contact the Data Manager as above.


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