Safehouse Evaluation Form – Aviary birds



If you have 20 or more birds please continue on a second form.

Bird 1

Approximate would be helpful if exact date is unknown
Write none / or unknown if you do not have the details
Please list the ring number, ring colour and note whether it is on the right or left leg
Please provide more information here about the gender including how and when it was verified
Please note any other distinguising features such as feather, feet, beak colours, deformities etc.


Write unknown if you do not have this information
Please note anything you think may be useful.
Do any of the birds have injuries or illnesses? Are they receiving any ongoing treatments.


Please describe how tame/ handleable the birds are. Are they frightened when humans go in the aviary, will they land on you etc.
Please mention if any of the birds have flight difficuties, or wing clips and if so why.
Do any of the birds pluck - if so how serious. Have any of the birds exhibited any aggressive behaviour - e.g. biting, flying to attack etc. towards either humans or other birds.
Please explain.
Please explain.
Please explain.
How do the birds like to be bathed? Bird bath? Spray or mist?


Please include condition and overall suitability for the birds.


Please include brand names of any seeds or pellets you provide and the details of any vitamin supplements and how you administer them.


E.g. working hours of foster home, men, women, children, pets. Quiet home vs busy home etc.
E.g. working hours of foster home, men, women, children, pets. Quiet home vs busy home etc.
Please provide a write up for this bird which can be used on the re-homing list pages. e.g “Hello, my name is xxx, I am an xxx xxx. I am a friendly bird and am looking for a home that has xxxx. Make it lively and interesting, selling the birds' good points but also be realistic about their more challenging behaviours. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS SECTION BLANK OR SAY AS ABOVE. IT MAY BE REPETITIVE, BUT ONLY THE REHOMING TEAM SEES ALL THE OTHER Q&AS.


Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 30 files.
Please upload one or more good quality / clear images of the bird(s), preferably without aviary mesh obscuring the bird(s). Make sure the area surrounding the bird(s) is clean, not covered with old food debris, or poop. Zoom in as much as possible so that the bird(s) fill the frame of the camera, turn the camera around by 90 degrees if necessary. Interactive photos are also encouraged - i.e. the bird(s) playing with toys or each other. You can upload upto 30 pictures. The more good quality pictures you can provide, the more chance of the bird(s) being rehomed. Please also attach photos of any equipment the bird(s) comes with.


Please type your name below to confirm that the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge.