Mollie – B&G Macaw – 010921

Female fosterer required

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female
Comes With Cage: No


Hello my name is Molly and I am a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw I’m still young at 18 and still learning. I am looking for a female carer to be my world as I have a lot of love to give and I like a lot of love in return.

To start with I will give you the cold shoulder, but if you go slowly with me and let me watch you and get to know you, I will become the bestest friend you could ever ask for. My safehouse mum says that I need a lady with patience, confidence and understanding as she has put a lot of time and effort into my rehabilitation. My safehouse mum says that I’m a beautiful baby girl oh and a pain in the bum because I like to shout at her when she walks away from me (well don’t walk away lol). I love to sit on the sofa of an evening with you watching the TV –  well, you’re watching and I’m digging and putting holes in a blanket next to you, so please please have a nice soft blanket for me that you don’t mind me playing with. I also like a pillow and a towel of my own saves me having yours (I may still try your to see if it is better than mine).

I must say that I do not like men or children of any age. If they get too close I will lunge and give a very big show of my wings just so they back off. I might add I did do this to my safehouse mum to start with but with her time and patience and understanding of me I grew to love her. I still don’t like her teenage boy though. He does try to interact with me, but nope I just don’t like him. I sometimes let him clean my cage out with me in it and sometimes I may not, he most definitely may not touch me or ask for me to step up. I save all of that for my safehouse mum. My safehouse mum thinks that I may accept others to handle me if they are consistent and confident, as my confidence will need to grow with them as I can be a big girl’s blouse. I don’t have a nasty bone in my body I’m just misunderstood and need time to settle in my new forever home and I mean forever home.

So how about it – are you the right woman for me?


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Macaw – Blue & Gold





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