Alfie – CAG – 021120 & Chico – TAG – 061120

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo, African Grey - Timneh
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female, Male
Comes With Cage: Yes


021120 – ALFIE – CAG, & 061120 – CHICO – TAG

Hello, my name is Alfie, I am a Female Congo African grey and I am around 5 years old. I live with Chico, who is a Timneh grey of about 15 years old. We came into Birdline as our owners moved abroad. We are used to each other’s company and need to stay together.

Alfie is a very friendly girl and will step up onto anyone’s hand and receive head rubs from just about anyone. She like’s men and women, but adores her safehouse dad most of all, and only want him, if he is in sight. That is until, someone rustle’s a packet of food!

Chico is a timid girl and prefers the company of females. She does not show any out of cage aggression, but will bite a finger if it comes too near her cage.  Chico doesn’t step up and is shy of human contact, but she does like to follow our safehouse mum around wherever she goes and will sit close by her side. Chico has just started to learn that hands are ok and enjoys a gentle beak rub. Despite her timidity, Chico also has a cheeky side to her nature. If she doesn’t fancy going back into her cage, she will taunt our safehouse mum – bobbing her head up and down and wolf whistling and doing a crazy evil laugh to distract her. However, Chico’s kryptonite is a pair of glasses – when placed inside her cage, it never fails to lure her inside, and she just can’t resist them!

We currently live in a house where there are frequent visits from young children, they make a lot of noise, it doesn’t bother us, and we just make more noise to be heard over them! Our safehouse mum supervises us carefully when the children are around, as Alfie will run towards them when they are on the floor playing. Alfie has a tendency to peck at a bare toe (you never know how tasty it may be). It isn’t a very hard peck, but it does make people jump.

We love our food and eat all our fruit and veg. But, will also try and pinch whatever you humans are eating as it looks so yummy. Alfie love’s to fly around the house and explore, but she can get into mischief and has nibbled on some door frames, pulled the keys of mum’s laptop and will try and eat the pens she is using. Chico prefers to just sit under the desk whilst safe house mum works, although she does have to put her feet up on the chair or she too will peck her toes! Chico isn’t very destructive at all, but has been known to nibble on a cushion from time to time! When Chico is in her cage, she likes to hang around upside down a lot and usually sleeps like this too

We have both plucked our feathers in the past, and they are very slowly starting to grow back. Our safehouse parents think that we will need a lot of interaction and attention to make sure we don’t slip back into bad habits.

We are both very vocal and excellent talkers, saying a variety of words and phrases. We are also awesome mimics and easily picks up household sounds, we whistle a tune and will yawn, bark, meow, imitate the microwave … the list goes on, but Alfie’s laser beam noise is the best! Sometime’s Chico will make a loud screaming noise before bedtime when she is in her cage, but it only lasts for 5 seconds.

Safehouse mum is not sure if Alfie prefer’s men in general, or have just taken to safehouse dad as my favourite human,  but she thinks a family with both men and women in would be best for us. So how about it, can you offer us plenty of attention and time out of the cage. In return we will offer never ending devotion, and hours of fun and affection.


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Bird Type



African Grey – Congo, African Grey – Timneh





Gender Preference

Female, Male

Comes With Cage