Rosie and Maisie – Crimson Rosellas – 060520

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Rosella - Crimson
Country: England
County: Hampshire
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: Yes


Rosie and Maisie are beautiful Crimson Rosellas . They haven’t been together all that long and although they are not bonded, they are good pals and need to stay together for the company.  Both birds are quiet and not at all destructive. Maisie gets her confidence from her pal Rosie and she will follow her wherever she goes. They like nothing better than to sit on their swing and keep an eye on family life, although Rosie does like to chase a ball round the floor on occasion.

Rosie, is an adorable Crimson Rosella, Nothing is know about her past or age as she was a found bird. She is such a happy little bird; she does not talk, but makes the sweetest squeaky chattering noises you will ever hear. Rosie will run excitably up and down her perch squeaking when you approach her. When Rosie first came to her new safehouse she was very timid and would not come near her safehouse family. In particular she was very scared of hands. Rosie has made so much progress in the few months she has been in her safehome and will now jump on to your arm or hand and has this week started to step up. She will land on your head and preen your hair, and will also sit on your shoulder or leg. Whilst she does lunge at your finger like she is going to hurt you, it’s only ever an affectionate nibble; she has never bitten us,

Maisie is a beautiful Crimson Rosella; again, her age and background are unknown. She is a very quiet and timid girl; she is not tame and does not step up. However, she has made progress recently and will take a piece of apple from her safehouse mum’s hand. Like Rosie, she doesn’t talk, but she does do an excellent impression of a smoke alarm battery – fortunately it doesn’t last very long! With time and patience Maisie could become tame but it will take a lot of work and continued interaction.

Maisie and Rosie are great eaters. they have AS30 seed mix and fresh fruit and veg daily – which they love!

They are not phased by young children, show no male or female preferences and currently live with 2 African greys who they just ignore. There are no other pets in the house, so are untested with cats and dogs etc. They come with their own very large cage.

Rosie and Maisie have been a pleasure to safehouse and with lots of love and Interaction they will flourish.

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Rosella – Crimson





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Comes With Cage