Jasper AKA Jazzy – CAG – 1398

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female


Hi all you lovely people

My birth name was Jasper, but I like to be called Jazzy and I am a beautiful African Grey in my early 30’s. I’m a total charmer and adore the ladies !

In the evenings before bedtime I like to sit with my safehouse mum and have cuddles and tickles.

When I was younger, I had an accident and hurt my wing and now it doesn’t sit quite right, consequently I can’t fly very well, and can only really glide downwards. But I would still err on the side of caution and make sure all the doors and windows are closed while I am out exploring. I especially love to go for adventures on the floor, so best keep it clear of non-parrot safe things and keep an eye on me so I don’t get up to too much mischief.

I love my food and there are not many things I don’t like – I am always interested in what you are eating, so best make sure you have some parrot safe things on your plate that I can share.

I love to dance, and my favourite toy is my bell and I just love to ring and play with it. I do know a few words like “apple”, “night night”, “what”, “come on”. I can whistle a few tunes – Old Macdonald’s is my favourite. My safe house mum says there are more words there, but I am shy about sharing them.

I am a very friendly easy going bird and will step up nicely for the ladies! I don’t like men anywhere near my cage, but when I am out I will go running to my safehouse Dad when he calls me and put my head down for tickles. I also like to sit there gazing up at him; other times I just want chew his shoes or slippers.

If you’re looking for an easy going gentle forever feathered friend, apply for me as I am the one for you.

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African Grey – Congo

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