Alfie – Quaker – 021223

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Quaker / Monk Parakeet
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Either


Hi everyone! My name is Alfie. I’m a typical boisterous Quaker parrot, full of mischief and character. I was abandoned by my former owners in Essex, but now I’m living my best life on the North Devon coast!

I live in a safehouse with Safehouse Mum and two African Greys, who I ignore and they ignore me. Like many Quakers, I love my food and will always let you know when I’m hungry! My favourite treats are sugar snap peas; they are absolutely delicious! Safehouse Mum is also trying me with other fresh food. I especially like apple, but I’m not so keen on carrots or peas. However, Mum thinks with time I will learn to enjoy lots of other foods. I am currently fed on Vitakraft African blend. I enjoy it more than the other dry foods I have been offered, but I may be amenable to others! Not much was known about me when I first came to Birdline, so it is very much trial and error at the moment.

I like to take a bath most days in my water bowl; I like to look my best. I talk a little; Safehouse Mum says I sound like a kazoo! I don’t know what that is, but she is always smiling when she says it so I think it’s a good thing. I can say “good boy,” “gimmegimmegimmegimme,” and “mmmmmmwah!” I have also picked up my Safehouse Mum’s laugh! I love to try and join in the conversation when you talk to me. I also dance a little (we Quakers are known for our dance moves) and sometimes stick my foot in the air. With proper clicker training, I could be taught to wave on request!

I do not know how to step up nicely and can be a bit bitey. I don’t really like hands very much at all, but Safehouse Mum is starting to clicker train me. I get a click and a treat if I take food nicely, and she is sure that if my new family has enough patience, then in time I will learn that hands mean nice things and they aren’t something that I need to be worried about. When I am out of my cage, I can be easily lured back in with a tasty treat, and I will always go back in when I’m tired, but I won’t let you eat alone! Again, Safehouse Mum thinks I’m smart enough to be trained to go back in on request!

I would be best suited to an experienced home without children because of my spicy temperament. Although I tolerate the other parrots, I really would prefer to have all the attention for myself ideally. Safehouse Mum’s Labrador does not bother me at all; he ignores me, and I ignore him.

I really am a happy little chap with tons of character, and in the right home, I will flourish. So please get in touch if I seem like the perfect fit!

Alfie xxx

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Quaker / Monk Parakeet

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