Ariel and Eric – Blue Pied Lovebirds – 051220 & 061220

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Lovebird
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Hampshire


Hello, we are Eric and Ariel and are a bonded pair of Lovebirds. Aerial is the male and Eric is the female, which human may find confusing, but we don’t ! We are approx 3 years old and came into birdline due to our owner’s ill health. Our Safehouse mum says we are sweet and calm little birds.

We are not fully tame, but we do like people and given time and patience, we are sure we would love to interact more with our new family. We don’t step up, but we do put ourselves back in our cage, so we are easy to care for. We are very clean birds and love to have a bath in our bird bath, but also love to flick the water over the floor, hee hee ! We love to chew on cardboard and paper, and we are very pleased with ourselves with our lovely pile of shredding. We love to swing around on our swing and are quite happy seeing how fast it can go.

We have 2 older dogs where we are at the moment and are not worried about them at all, as they are well behaved and do not bother us at all. We don’t mind if you work during the day as we do keep ourselves occupied but love to interact and talk to you when you come back in ( in our own language lol ).

Please do apply for us if you think you could give us the loving home we are looking for and
thank you for reading all about us.

Love Eric and Ariel

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