Arnie – African Grey – 030820

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Country: England
County: Devon
City/Town: Aylesford


Hello, my name is Arnie and I am a 21-year-old African Grey. I am non gender specific and am believed to be a male. In the past I have plucked, as you can see from the picture, I have plucked my chest feathers and round my neck but since being at my safehouse I have more toys to play with and am kept entertained so have stopped plucking and have some floofies growing through already. I have a slight scissor beak which will need vet treatment later, but it may go on its own with the right toys to play with and chew on.

Talking of toys, I love to destroy anything wooden and to rip up my newspaper at the bottom of my cage. Sometimes I nick this off my Safehouse parents when they are trying to change my paper in the morning. Like many birds I can be messy but its only because I am having fun! My favourite toy is a bell so make sure I have at least one in my cage – I do not ring them too loudly!

I enjoy making lots of amusing noises, which include a reversing truck, telephone ringing, laughing (evil and funny), imitating human voices (both male and female), water noises, blowing raspberries (all the time – I am very cheeky!), whistles (currently learning the Addams family theme tune) and yawning (both at night time and in the morning when I have just woken up). The list is endless as I make new noises every day!
I am great with young babies, each night I will climb to side of the cage and sway back and forth to my Safehouse baby brother to say goodnight (and also blow raspberries at the same time to make him laugh) Also when he cries I will make a squeaky toy noise at him to make him feel better.
I like both males and females but seem to gravitate more toward females. I do not yet have the trust to allow stroking, but I think with time I will let people touch me more. I do not really know the command ”step up” but am slowly learning what to do with this. I have grown a lot more confidence since living at my safehouse and have voluntarily climbed down onto the floor to have a wander around. Once I have been very cheeky and stolen a puzzle piece from my Safehouse brother and run away with it! I like to dance (and go ”woo!”) to some songs on the radio (I like this on when my Safehouse parents are out to give me some company). I like to watch the world go by but also like to know that my safehouse parents are close by.
I like to try different foods, my main diet is AS30 seed mix, I also like to pick and choose nuts that I am offered. I have tried a little bit of birdie bread before too. My favourite fruit is apple, and I like grapes too (I love to make a mess with both!) I do not really like fresh banana (but I do like the banana chips in my seed mix) and do not really like pepper when I was offered it.
I am very good when it comes to bedtime and sleep all night with no early morning wake up calls. I do not like my cage covered at night (as long as the room is dark).

My Safehouse parents have thoroughly enjoyed me staying with them for a little while and they think I will make my future foster family very happy when I am settled at my forever home.

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African Grey