Barney – Umbrella Cockatoo – 2280512 – Companion bird


Requirements: A home with experience of large cockatoos and an understanding of their complex needs.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Umbrella
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: South Lanarkshire



My name is Barney and I am an Umbrella Cockatoo. I don’t know how old I am, but does age really matter when I am this handsome!?

I am a very friendly bird and I want everyone to give me scratches through my cage. I love dancing and singing to Lewis Capaldi but if he’s not your cup of tea, I do try and sing and dance to what you play for me! I also like to talk… a lot! I will say “hello” to you every day. I like to say good morning when you take my cover off. I love self-praise too so I will tell you that I am a good boy.

There is nothing more like more than to be out of my cage sitting with you having cuddles. Sometimes I like to fly about and play with my toys as well. I like to chew things up, but I don’t do it to be naughty, I must be kept entertained somehow. I love to explore! My safehouse Mummy has me out 8 hours a day. I would stay out longer, but she said my safehouse brothers need to have a turn.

In my safehouse I have furry friends. I think they’re called dogs and cat? They make a woof woof and meow sound. I like to copy them! I also have a little human here too! He brings me treats. I think I might be a little too big for him though as I can sometimes play too rough. I don’t mean to, it’s just in my nature. I am a cockatoo after all!

I do like to have a good scream from time to time because I just can’t contain my emotions! I don’t like anyone to touch my cage when I am out; that is my home and you can only be there if I’m home or you are cleaning up my mess.

Mummy feeds me Johnson and Jeff low sunflower seed. I’d like to keep eating this as it’s very yummy and if you don’t keep me topped up, I will let you know!! I don’t really like eating my fruit and veg but my safehouse Mum said it will help me stay big and strong so I guess you will have to keep feeding it to me. I love to throw my food all over my cage, it’s fun! Food is for playing with, right?

When I have my dinner, I like to have some chamomile tea, it helps me stay calm and helps me go to sleep. At bedtime just remember to cover me. I like to be in the dark when I sleep! I am a lovely boy who is looking for my forever home. I need a home where someone is home a lot to play and interact with me. I don’t think I’ll be able to live in a flat though as my screams can be a little loud. If you think we’ll get on, please apply for me. I look forward to meeting my forever family!

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Bird Type



Cockatoo – Umbrella

Comes With Cage





South Lanarkshire