Billie & Millie – African Greys – 1058/1059

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Kent
City/Town: _


Hi we are Billie and Millie, two bonded African Greys. We must stay together. Birdline do not split bonded birds which I am pleased to hear as we love each other so much.

Millie here, I am much quieter than my friend Billie, I like to sit and watch the world go by. I can be a little hormonal at times and need a bit of me time but I will give you the signal if I’m not in the mood to be handled and loved, you all know what that will be!!!
When I am in the mood however I will step up and be happy to sit on your shoulder until I want to get off, and I do mean when I want to…. not when you want me to. My Safehouse mummy tried to put me back yesterday and I was enjoying myself so I gave her a little nip on the ear to tell her I was happy where I was!!

Now my friend Billie does not want to step up at the moment but he will go over to my safe house mum and dad and take a keen interest in what they are doing. Billie does like to make a noise too if you are not talking to him. He sings a mixture of strange tunes and says “hello”,” bye, bye” and loves to dance. He can be very destructive, so make sure its safe in your home for him. We are on Harrisons pellets, so we need to stay on a good diet.

We just need a forever home that will give us a lot of TLC and be patient with us.

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African Grey

Comes With Cage