Billy – Patagonian Conure – 091220 & Abby – Quaker – 010721 – Aviary Birds

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: Conure - Patagonian, Quaker / Monk Parakeet
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Dorset
Gender Preference: _


Hello everybody we would like to introduce ourselves to you, we are Billy (a nine-year-old Patagonian conure) and Abby (albino Quaker, age unknown).

We live in an aviary together and have formed a strong friendship as you can see by our picture. Neither of us have a lot of past history that we can share with you – Abby is a found bird and Billy came to Birdline due to owner’s ill health.

Neither of us is tame and we will need to find a new aviary home together with spaces to hide as we can become a bit defensive if you come near us. Billy in particular isn’t keen on smaller birds, so an aviary just for us two would be ideal. Billy, can’t fly but loves to climb around the aviary and must have lots of different perches so he can rest in-between climbing. Abby can fly really well, but she enjoys being close to Billy and chatting to him.

We love to be vocal and sing the song of our people to each other, the other birds we see and also our safehouse parents. We also like to voice our opinion if we are not happy about anything! We are good eater and enjoy our seed mixes and fruit, but are a bit more picky with our vegetables. Our favourite foods are apples, banana, sweetcorn, peas and watermelon.

We are looking for a lovely aviary, where we can both stay together and grow old gracefully, if you think you would be able to give us a home then please do apply.

Thank you so much
Billy and Abby


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Conure – Patagonian, Quaker / Monk Parakeet

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