Blazie, Gori (aka Rory) Pixel and Remy – Conures – 020721 & 010821

Bird Type: Aviary
Breed: Conure - Green Cheek
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: London
Comes With Cage: No


Hi Peeps,

We are Blazie (yellow sided conure),Rory (standard green cheek) Remy (pineapple conure) and Pixel also (pineapple conure) . Four adorable fun loving conures, who have formed a gang. Blazie and Rory are siblings, and are about 8 years old. We have a mysterious past though, as we were bought from a pet shop 2 years ago, and it’s not clear what our lives were like for our first few years. Although we were sold as tame pets, we really aren’t interested in people, because we have each other for company ! Because of this the children we were bought for got bored of us and we didn’t get much human interaction or time out the cage. Remy is a found conure and about the same age.

We aren’t scared of our safehouse mum, but interaction only goes as far as taking the occasional yummy treat from her hand or looking beseechingly at her when it’s time to refill our food bowls. We were seed junkies to start with, but now we eat Tropicaan Pellets too. We really only like apples as far as fruit and veggies goes, but our safehouse mum keeps trying to introduce new fresh food. We show our dissatisfaction by pooping in the dish hee hee hee !

Our safehouse mum thinks we are beautiful and entertaining, but that we really need a home with a dedicated bird room to fly around in, or even an outdoor aviary. We like nothing more than sitting on top of or even inside the wardrobe in the room we are staying in – our safehouse mum calls us the “wardrobe monsters”. We play this brilliant game of hide and seek, where we hide and sit quietly and safehouse mum hunts frantically for us, until she finds us. When she calls “babies”  we do now come and peer over the edge of the wardrobe so she can see we are safe.  We are really interested in the bird noises coming from the other side of the flat, so we would probably enjoy the company of other birdies too.

Do you have the perfect home for us, where we can enjoy having lots of room to fly around in ? We promise not to be too much of a bother because we prefer to play with and entertain ourselves. But we will  provide a beautiful, entertaining feathery rainbow of delight for you to enjoy.

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Bird Type



Conure – Green Cheek

Gender Preference






Comes With Cage