Bo – Indian Ring Neck – 011120 – Companion bird

Breed: Indian Ring Neck
Bird Type: Companion
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Leicestershire
City/Town: _


I’m a young male Indian ringneck called Bo. I am four or five years old and came into Birdline when my owner was moving and couldn’t take me with him. When I came to Birdline my wing feathers had been severely clipped and my feathers were in poor condition. I’ve been here a few months now and my feathers are much better now, but there is still room for me to polish my handsome looks further.

Unfortunately, I have spent most of my life inside a cage, in a dark room and I wasn’t handled much at all. I will back away if people come too close to me and I don’t know how to step up. However, if there is yummy fruit in your hand, I will take it from you ! Now that I’m at my safehouse I’ve learnt that it is fun to come out and sit on top of my cage, to watch the world go by from a new perspective.  I may not be a hands on boy but can be extremely entertaining, especially when I’m chattering about whatever I can see out of the window.

I’m not fussed at all by dogs, but I wish I didn’t have to share my room with them, as it limits my time outside the cage. It would be great if you have a bird room where I can spend my day sitting on my cage and watching the world go by or maybe an aviary I could explore once my clipped wing feathers have grown and I have learnt to fly.

I’m looking for my forever home and my safehouse family think it would be good for me to have a feathered friend who I can chat too in my own language. Whilst a ringneck buddy might be nice, I may be happy to hang out with other species too.

i come with a lovely big cage and lots of toys, and would love a room with a view please !

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Indian Ring Neck

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