Burt – African Grey – 091219

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Somerset
City/Town: Yeovil


Hi, my name is Burt, I’m a lovely African Grey with all my beautiful feathers, I’m quiet and friendly and love to whistle and dance, I’ll happily whistle and talk to anyone. I am a little nervous still of new things but my safe-house dad says I’m getting better every single day and each day I’m getting more playful and adventurous, I do like to stay on my cage, I’ve been down near the floor a few times but it still looks a little scary, I’m sure I’ll have a wander around when I feel safe.

I’m not quite ready to step up yet but I’m am slowly getting better, I was really scared on this big white perch my dad brought home but now I’ll put a foot on it for a treat, it’s only a little step for you, but a massive leap for me I do have to say, I have bitten a few times but only when I’ve been scared, if you go slow I’m fine, I haven’t bitten now for over 4 weeks please don’t be scared of me, I really don’t mean to bite, it’s just a little nip to tell you I’m afraid.

Being a Grey I do talk and love to whistle, I don’t say any bad words, well I haven’t yet, I really love to dance to music and whistle to you when you’re around the house, I like it if you whistle back please so I know your there, I like to be in a room with lots going on, if not can you leave the TV and music on, I don’t really like it quiet in the day, I also like to mumble a lot in a quiet voice, my dad.

I live with my dad, mum and 3 older children and two small dogs, I’m not allowed out with them but I do enjoy talking to them, sometimes I have to tell them off for being noisy, the dogs not the children, but I think I need to tell them sometimes as well. I love to be in front of the window to watch the world go by and I’ll say hello if I see anyone walk past, but be careful as I do wolf whistle, my mum said I did it to the post man and she had to hide, I thought that was quite funny. I really like to have time with my chosen one, and do some training or things, I like treats and will take them very gently from anyone’s hands, my dad says I learn very quickly and I enjoy doing these things, I learnt to target with a little chop stick and I’ll happily move in and out of my cage for this.

I am on Harrisons Pellets so you must keep me on them.

I would love a new person to call my own forever, I have so much love to give and I’m very friendly and funny, I make my safe-house people laugh every day, I’d love to be out of my cage most of the day. I think a confident person would bring me out of my shell, I have so much to give the right person, could that be you??
Bert (AKA mumbles)

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African Grey

Comes With Cage