Charlie – 010420 – African Grey – Companion bird

Breed: African Grey
Bird Type: Companion
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Male
Country: England
County: Yorkshire


Hello, my name is Charlie and I’m 21 years old. I am a gorgeous loving boy and will keep you smiling with my talents. My safehouse says I am a loud mouth, with an endless varied vocabulary including “hello darling”, “where’s granddad”, “where’s that cat”, “meow”, “hello gorgeous”, “I’m going”, ”nite nite”, “I’m in here”, “come in”, to name a few. All are said in context too as I am a very clever boy. I do also say a few swear words and say “oww” as I nip you because I like to be a bit cheeky too hee hee ! I also love to whistle, dance and sing whilst swinging on my rope swing.

I love to chew and can be a bit destructive, so please make sure I have lots and lots of card and wood blocks and other chew toys to occupy my time. I’m also a bit of a Houdini and used to escape my cage when my Dad wasn’t around !

I am looking for a home with a man to love me as I am not too keen on the ladies, unless they have feathers like mine!  To prove this point, I have given my Safehouse mum the occasional hard bite – but not very often I promise. I behave impeccably for my Safehouse Dad though, and step up nicely for him every time and even go back into my cage when asked.

I would love my carer to be home all day but understand that I have to be left now and then and promise I will try to be good and stay in my cage. It would be good if you had other birds my size and colour to keep me company as I miss my bonded partner whom I sadly lost last year.

If you think you could give me lots of attention I promise I will love you and be the best company that you could ever wish for.

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African Grey

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