Charlie – Blue Fronted Amazon – 3300513

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Blue Fronted
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Avon
City/Town: _


I am 35 years young – we Amazons like to live a long time – and I’m hoping that it’s finally time for me to have a forever family and home all of my very own. I was rescued by Birdline from a school where I was kept as a classroom pet. I lived in a small cage and I didn’t have any toys to play with. I was very unhappy as the children used to shout at me and taunt me. This made me very frightened of people – especially their fingers!

I’m looking for somebody special with lots of love and patience as I haven’t had a very good start in life, so I’ll need a bit of extra time to learn to love you. I promise I will love you very much though. My Safehouse mummy says I’m more than worth it! Before coming to Birdline, I never knew what it was like to love a human and what it felt like to have them love me back. Birdline understood that because of this I would find it difficult to learn to trust humans and probably would feel I had no reason to let my guard down and actually bond with someone. Since coming here, I have come such a long way! I love my tickles from my Safehouse mummy and get so excited when she comes home from work because I know I get to spend all afternoon and evening with her (well, I do have to share her with the other birds here…but it’s okay, I know I’ll get my special Charlie time!).

Sometimes, I even feel brave enough to step up or fly to her, but I’m still struggling a bit with that – I’ll get there though! I do need someone that understands that because of my past, I’ve learnt that using my beak is the most effective way to let you know if I’m scared of what you’re doing or don’t like something you’re doing. However, I’m learning that I don’t need to do that anymore and am getting quite good at using other types of body language. Safe house mummy has also taught me clicker and target training which has helped my confidence lots and lots! I also sometimes get treats if I manage a situation I’m not comfortable with by not using my beak which is great fun!

I can sometimes get a bit possessive over my things. I’ve been given lots of toys to play with so I don’t want anyone to take them away. There are lots of things I’m good at too. I can talk and I love to tell myself I’m such a good boy. I will greet you with a chorus of ‘hello’s’ when you come in – I can do this in different men’s and women’s voices! I do try and sing but I haven’t got on very well with it. Safe house mummy sings to me my special Charlie song (to the tune of How Much Is That Doggy InThe Window?) and I do try to sing along but Safehouse mummy always ends up laughing. That’s okay – I laugh along with her!

I love having a shower which Safehouse mummy uses a spray bottle for. I like to get completely drenched and will hang upside down, flapping my wings. Safe house mummy’s hand often starts to hurt after a while and she always says ‘Oh Charlie, you must be wet enough now?’ but I never am!

I used to be a seed junkie and did not like my fruit and vegetables but I’m a very healthy boy now and love my pellets. I eat all of my fruits and most of my veggies. Safe house mummy cooks yummy meals for me and I’m sure she hides all this green healthy stuff in it but I can’t be sure so I eat it all anyway!

I really hope there’s someone out there who thinks I deserve a chance and believes in me enough to know I really would make a wonderful companion to the right person. If you’d like to meet me to get to know a bit more about me, that can be arranged. I’d like that – it would be like having friends over to play! My story has quite a sad beginning – are you the person who can love me enough to give it a happy ending?

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