Charlie – Blue & Gold Macaw – 1117

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold
Comes With Cage: No, Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Sussex
City/Town: _


Hi my name is Charlie and I am a Blue and Gold Macaw.

I really do love being apart of family and out of my cage as much as possible. I do love chatting to myself and playing. I am destructive like many birds and will destroy my toys and things around me. How else is a bird to occupy itself? If you interact with me lots I will interact with you by loving you and giving you kisses, it distracts me from destroying things.

I need a home with older children above the age of 12. I seem to be more for the ladies but I am ok with men too. I get 12 hours sleep in my safehouse home or I do get grumpy, so make sure you can give me my rest.

I love eating mash potato as a treat and will eat all types of fruit and veg I’m not really fussy at all. Sometimes I will scream as us macaws do, if I see you eating food as I would really love to share your food, as long as its good for me obviously.

Can anyone offer me a home?

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Bird Type



Macaw – Blue & Gold

Comes With Cage

No, Yes

Gender Preference