Charlie – Triton Cockatoo – 1550

Must be a female carer.


Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Triton
Gender Preference: Female
Comes With Cage: Yes
County: Sussex



Hello everyone, my name is Charlie.
I really love the ladies and would like to find a forever home with a lady as my main carer. I don’t mind guys giving me a head scratch once I get to know them, but I prefer the ladies.
Like all Cockatoos I am needy, love a cuddle and will scream for attention. A home with understanding neighbors will help. My scream is loud but is not continuous, so I don’t scream all the time and am very quiet in the mornings. I will get more excited and scream when you have visitors in your home as I like to say “Hello” to them and want to get everyone’s attention. I am quieter if I am out of the cage so a mum who doesn’t work full time would be great.My foster mum has become ill and cannot care for me anymore which is why I have been handed back into Birdline, so please find me a new mummy that I can call my own again. I have plucked my chest, but this will come back. I love my safehouse mummy as I know her and she is always a safe retreat for me as I was safehoused with her when I was first handed in.My life wasn’t great before I was handed into Birdline as I was living on the streets and in hostels with my mummy and was only ever left in a carrier and had no idea of space or cages. A dog even bit off my claw which is why I will now try to bite any dog through the cage if they get too close.I have been ok with birds in the past and was in a bird room but having had time to myself for the last few years, I am a little nervous when they fly over my head. I would be ok if a bird’s cage was a little way away from mine but a mummy all to myself would be great.
I do like to watch other birds from a distance and find them interesting.I love to spend time moving around the house on my safehouses mum’s shoulder watching what she is up to. I also like being sat on her lap having cuddles. I will step up on some occasions but will test the area first by stepping on and stepping off. Once I trust you I will step up and climb up on your shoulder and snuggle in to your neck. I also like having cuddles when I am on my cage.Are there any ladies out there who would love to offer me a home and be my new forever mummy? You will not be disappointed as I will show you so much love.
Hope to hear from you soon, love Charlie xx

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Bird Type



Cockatoo – Triton

Gender Preference


Comes With Cage