Charlie – Umbrella Cockatoo – 1260214

Must have a female carer.


Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Umbrella
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Sussex
Gender Preference: Female


“Hello, Hello”. My name is Charlie. I am a 20 year old Umbrella Cockatoo. I have not been with my safe house mum for long but have proven to be a real gentleman.

I share my space with another cockatoo and we have a good chat and laugh together, though we haven’t had out time together yet. I am a good boy and enjoy my fruit and veggies every morning, I also like chamomile tea. As Cockatoos go, I am not excessively loud but have a little shout every now and then, mainly if I am waiting for my food and service is running late.

I love chewing wooden toys and they don’t really last long with me. I have one to one time with my Safehouse mum where I can chuck toys about, turn the music up and we have a good dance and sing along together. I do love a good snuggle in-between throwing toys and dancing. I can be slow to step up but my confidence is growing, I just need to think about it before offering my foot to you, then I hold on tight for security. I do like to hold my Safehouse mum’s finger in my beak but don’t bite.

I do like to get involved with the house chores and keep an eye with whats going on. If you leave me in the room on my own I do get upset and will call for you. I am used to dogs and live with spaniels and a large dog – though never out together obviously. I have a 3 year boy who visits and I come and say “hello” to him.

I would love a home with a female as main carer, I really do need the companionship of other bird/s otherwise I get quite stressed and loud. I love coming out and spending time with you in your space, even if you are doing other things as well. I am happy to be covered or uncovered at night. I need my forever lady, with another bird and I do not mind being out with others, in return I will give you lots of entertainment and snuggles.

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