Coco – Yellow Naped Amazon – 041120

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Yellow Naped
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Northamptonshire


Hello my name is Coco, I am a young yellow naped Amazon, thought to be about two years old. I have been with my safehouse for a few months now after being found in a park in Birmingham. My finder did try to track down my owner, but wasn’t successful.
I love playing with my wooden toys and they get destroyed pretty quickly when I’m around ! But my favourite thing in the world is my Nuby teething ring. I also love swinging from perch to perch and my safehouse people find it so funny when I am showing off hanging by one toenail.
Above all I absolutely love riding on safehouse dad’s shoulder, I’d sit there all day if I could, because he takes me round the house when he’s doing things. While I’ve been on his shoulder, I’ve learnt to vacuum, dust and help with home schooling. I’ve also worked out that if I slither down Dad’s back he can’t reach me or remove me – Ha Ha !
Whilst I am a Daddy’s boy, I am quite happy to hang out with safehouse mum or the little people – although one of them is a little scared of me. The 11 year old boy here, has taught me to fly to him when called, but I won’t do this for anyone else yet. My cage is next to the sofa and sometimes I’ll climb down and walk over all the cushions to see what everyone is doing and I’m quite partial to sitting on someone’s knee and watching a bit of television.
I love eating my seed and nut treats and like fruits but I’m not so into veggies, them sprouty things are horrid….. but I do really love a corn on the cob hung up on my cage. It keeps me nearly as occupied as the wooden blocks.
Before I go to sleep at night, I talk to myself, which the humans think is adorable. My safehouse mum has taught me to say “Ola” and “Ola Chica”. I like it when she calls me Chica, it even seems to calm me when I’m being a bit cross. I can also say “hello”, “hi” and “what the”! If I want your attention I will make a noisy call or say “Ola Chica”. I really like to be where you are and in the heart of the home. That way I don’t need to shout for you.
I’m not bothered by other animals; they have lots of different animals here. I have a nice cage with lots of toys, but it is too small for me and I’m not too fond of being shut in it. I’d really like a bigger cage please.
So how about it, do you have a lively home where I could fit right in? I promise to bring lots of love and joy and entertainment with me.

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Amazon – Yellow Naped

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Comes With Cage