Dexter – Blue Fronted Amazon = 320316a

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Blue Fronted
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
Gender Preference: Male


My name is Dexter, and I am a very handsome Blue Fronted Amazon.

I love to shout hello when I hear someone come in the door –  no guest goes unannounced on my watch! I also like to join in when my humans are talking; I never comment but I make encouraging noises when there’s a good discussion going on. Same goes for TV – I love to watch it with my safehouse family and get involved in whatever is going on.

I love to play with and chew my toys. Swinging from one toy to another is great fun – my safehouse mum thinks I could be an acrobat with some of the things I get up to during play time. I’m not too keen on showers or misting but I tolerate them, I prefer to bath in my water bowl and throw my feathers back like a L’Oreal advert (except cooler!).

When it comes to eating I’m very good at it! I love all kinds of human food as well as my bird seed. I view meal time as a social activity and often ask my safehouse dad to share his dinner with me even though I may have the same as him in my own bowl.

I’ve lived with a dog in the past and also other birds – neither fazes me. I’m a lovely boy and fantastic entertaining character, who needs a nice house to grow old in, preferably with a male primary carer. I will let my safehouse mum put food and water in my cage, but I don’t want her to handle me – that’s a man’s job !

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Amazon – Blue Fronted

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