Dusty – Green Cheek Conure (cinnamon) – 810517

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Conure - Green Cheek
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: England
County: Wiltshire
City/Town: _


Hi my name is Dusty, and I am a cinnamon conure. My mum says I am a little cute pie.

I was a stray, so I’m keeping my age a secret but Birdline thinks I am 8 or 9 years old. I have been with my foster mum for a couple of years and am well loved. However sadly due to changes in circumstances I am no longer getting the care and attention that I deserve. So I am now looking for my forever home. Currently my days are quite varied – sometimes I am out of my cage all day and others, only an hour dependent on what my Mum has planned.

Mum says I am loving, funny, silly, and attention seeking. I especially love music and to dance with my Foster mum. I also really love nothing more than a head scratch and to cuddle up under my mum’s chin or to have a little nap in her dressing gown hood. I am a friendly little bird and like it when company comes to visit.

When my mum taps on a surface, I come running towards her, because I know that means she wants to hang out with me. I know how to step up, and do so when I want to! I am also fully flighted and enjoy flying round my home when I am not in my cage. I also like to splash around in a large tub of water, it helps to keep my feathers lovely and shiny.

I talk a little bit but Mum doesn’t normally understand my mumblings – except she thinks I say my name. I make lots of kissing noises and expect these sounds to be returned by my humans. Generally conures are among the quieter bird species, but like any conure I can be very noisy – especially if I’m startled or frightened by something. Then I give a loud shriek to let my mum know there is danger ahead. Things that frighten me include: sounds of seagulls, sounds of planes, tea towels, folding clothes, tissues, large alien objects, corn on the cob and new perches.

I am not destructive but enjoy throwing things off the table and other surfaces– this is natural instinct – but I don’t know why I do it – it just seems like fun to me. I like chewing the wooden branches Mum gets for me and my paper bird toys. Mum has noticed that during the last year, I have become territorial and bitey towards anyone other than my best human, However, this change in behaviour has occurred at the same time as lots of other changes started happening around the home. Mum believes that I will be much better behaved with someone who has the right time, commitment and living environment for me. I currently live with an elderly dog, he ignores me but given the opportunity I might land on him and bite him, so I must be kept away from four legged friends.

I have a cage but it is a little tatty and worn, so I’d love a new one when I am settled in your home please.

Like all conures, I am a big personality in a little package. We can be strong willed and stubborn and need someone who can set boundaries and doesn’t mind the occasional nip. However, in return I will give hours and hours of love, affection and entertainment. So what about it could you be my new mum or dad?

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Conure – Green Cheek

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