Garry – Indian Ringneck Parakeet – 021119

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Indian Ring Neck
Gender Preference: Female
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Wiltshire


Hello, my name is Garry, and I am a beautiful blue Indian Ringneck. I came to my safehouse mum because I wasn’t happy in my last home, and I still miss my first lady owner a lot. She was very special to me, and I really hope I can find another special lady to love me and make me feel safe.

I am a very nervous chap, I don’t mean to be, but I just have an anxious character. I need a very calm and steady home, and I need to be the only bird, I guess you could call me a bit of a diva. When I am calm and feel safe, I am a lovely boy to have around. I will step up nicely, sit with you while you are watching TV, I will even fly to your hand on command, especially if you are holding a piece of walnut for me. I will also go back into my cage any time you need me to in exchange for a little piece of walnut in my food dish. I love to sit and look out of the window or stare at myself in any mirror I can find. I often chat away to myself, with lots of lovely whistling, and ‘hello’, ‘hello Garry’ Garry Garry Garry’s’ and ‘good boy’ thrown into the mix. I have beautiful plumage that I love to take good care of with lots of preening, and regular mist baths with the spray bottle. I usually let my safehouse mum know when I want a bath by sitting in my water dish, but sometimes she just gets the bottle and I get excited straight away and spread my wings for a wash.

I like to listen to the radio during the day, and am quite happy in my cage with my favourite toys and mirrors. I eat seed and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, with the occasional treat of a little bit of plain scrambled egg, and of course my very favourite walnuts.

I need a lady with a lot of love and patience to give me a chance. I sometimes get frightened and upset, and I can be a little intimidating, but I am mostly bark and very little bite. So I need someone who doesn’t scare easily, is calm, gentle and willing to give me a chance to thrive. Most of the time I like to keep myself to myself, and will come and say hello and sit with you as and when I feel comfortable. I am quite a low maintenance bird, once you get to know me and learn my body language. My safehouse mum says I am a sweet boy, with potential to be a wonderful companion bird to someone, I just need a chance. She has lots of other birds and a young cat, and even though she keeps them away from me and I have my own room, they all scare me so I am not my happiest self right now. I have a lot of love to give, but my love is for one person, not for lots of other animals.

Most of the time I am quite quiet, although I do talk to myself quite a bit. Sometimes I shout, but there is always a reason. Usually it’s because I want to get up, go to bed, or just would like some company for a while. I make my safehouse mum laugh every single day with my little voice and my amazing dances to myself in the mirror, so if you think I could make you smile, maybe I am the bird for you.

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Indian Ring Neck

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Comes With Cage