George – 3320514 & Wilma 2110314 – African Greys

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: Either
Country: Wales
County: Ceredigion
City/Town: Lampeter


Hello there, readers! My name is George, and beside me is my dearest friend, Wilma. We’re here to share our story with you. You see, we’re not your average African Grey parrots. We’re quite the clever birds, and we’ve been known to bring some laughter and joy into the lives of those around us.

First things first, let me introduce myself. I’m George, a friendly and sociable boy with a penchant for attention. I absolutely love it when anyone is willing to give me some company, especially children. If they start singing and dancing, you can bet your feathers that Wilma and I will join in – it’s our favourite thing to do!

When it comes to food, I’m quite the adventurous eater. I enjoy a wide range of treats, but there’s one exception: I’m not a fan of nuts. And, I must confess, I do have a habit of letting out the occasional word or two that might not be considered polite. I try to keep it in check, but sometimes those words just slip out of my beak. I have a particular fondness for singing the Irish song “Dirty Old Town” – it’s my absolute favourite tune. I also have a soft spot for toys, but I’m not too keen on parrot stands or perches. Oh, and let’s talk about baths. I’m not a huge fan of spray baths, but I’ll tolerate them because, well, I know I need one. I’ve tried convincing my human  Mum that my water bowl is just fine, but she doesn’t quite agree.

At the moment, I seem to prefer my  Mum’s company, but I did have a male caretaker before. There’s one more thing you should know about me – I pluck my chest feathers in a small area. It’s a habit I can’t seem to break, even when I’m happy and content.

Now, let me tell you about my best friend, Wilma. We’ve had quite a few adventures together, and we make a fantastic team. You might’ve guessed it – Wilma is a lady, and we’ve confirmed that as she has laid a few eggs.

Wilma and I share a lot of preferences when it comes to food, but there’s one notable difference – she absolutely adores nuts, especially cashews. We both enjoy our fruits and veggies, although Wilma prefers her veggies slightly cooked. We’re both great at stepping up, and we’re more than happy to sit on your knee for some head scratches.

Unlike me, Wilma actually likes parrot stands. She has one that she can take with her, which suits her just fine. Speaking of accommodations, we both come with identical cages that our loving  Mum has taken excellent care of. They’re in tip-top condition and ready for our next adventure.

We must admit that we’re a bit stressed at the moment. You see, our dear  Mum isn’t feeling very well, and it seems like things aren’t going to get better. For our own happiness, she’s on a mission to find us a new home where we can continue spreading laughter and joy. We’re quite accustomed to living with cats and dogs, but obviously they are kept separate from us when we’re out and about. We’re not high-maintenance birds, and our  Mum often says we’re angels. We’ve got so much to share and show you – we promise to surprise you every day.

So, if you think you have the space in your life and home for a pair of lovable African Grey parrots like us, we’d be thrilled to join your family. Our  Mum says you won’t be disappointed, and we can’t wait to bring some comedic charm into your lives. Are you up for the adventure?

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African Grey

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