George/Georgie – Blue Fronted Amazon – SE56

Female Carer, preferably with no other birds

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Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Blue Fronted
Country: England
County: Devon
Gender Preference: Female
Comes With Cage: Yes


Hello my name is George but my safehouse mum calls me Georgie. I am a Blue Fronted Amazon and I’m 27+.

I am looking for my forever home and it must be a mature single lady or an all female household please as I really don’t like men or boys. My safe house mum says I’m a very quiet bird, that is until she has a visitor or a phone call, and  then I get excited and let everyone know I am here ! I do quiet down once I’ve said my piece though.

My safehouse mum gives me free range when she is home, but I don’t go far as I’m quite happy just sat on top of a cage relaxing. I do fly to her to see what she is doing for my dinner as I am nosey. My favourite spot to land is on her head or shoulder.

Don’t be put off by my typical amazon grumble I’m a little softie who needs to be loved. When I get to know you I love to have a good head tickle.

My safehouse mum thinks I will be overlooked as I don’t talk but I do a quiet little bark, talking is over rated anyway, I prefer the love. I would like for someone to spend time with me to show me how to play with toys, but I need to take things slowly because I’m unsure.

My favourite treat is a cashew so please do not run out of them. My safehouse mum puts them in my fruit bowl and always offers me my fruit bowl before she puts it in place and the first thing I get is…… you guessed the cashew, I get very upset if its not in there, just like I get upset if I don’t get a tickle when I come out.

Do you like the sound of me? Will you be my forever home?

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Amazon – Blue Fronted





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Comes With Cage