George / Georgina – Congo African Grey – 3800415

Female Carer

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey - Congo
Gender Preference: Female
Country: England
County: Dorset
Comes With Cage: No




Hello, my name is George/Georgina (or Biggy G as I’m known here).
I’m a shy 25+ year old African Grey with a preference for females. I do not like young children but am OK with teenagers.
I can and do speak, but it’s hard getting a word in edge ways with my over confident neighbour so I stick to the tried and tested McDonald’s tune and some ‘up’ and ‘down’ whistles until she’s out of the way.
I love coming out for cuddles and neck tickles with my Safehouse mum and when I’m done with that I’ll explore the back of the sofa where I knock on the wall with my beak to check the quality of the workmanship for you -you’re welcome!
I absolutely adore cashew nuts and like to give them a quick shake before guzzling them down and asking for more.
I also like pasta, apple and most veggies, not so much soft berries, but NOTHING beats a cashew (or two!)
I like to nom on your fingers before offering my neck for a tickle, it doesn’t hurt, honest, its just one of my little habits and you should feel honored if I do it, as its not something I dish out to everyone.
I think I would prefer to be the only bird as I am quite shy, but I’m told I’m very lovely and once we get to know each other, I’ll happily step up and have a fuss.
My favorite toy is my bell and there are many reasons I ring it.
When I’m hungry,
When I want to go to bed,
When you have something I want and sometimes, just because.
It’s great fun to watch you work out which one it is!
My Safehouse mum tells me I’m a gorgeous girl with a lovely personality and the right lady would make my life complete.
Could you be her?
I hope so!


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African Grey – Congo

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Comes With Cage