Georgie – Citron Crested x Galah Cockatoo Crossbreed – 060620

Requirements: Male carer with experience of cockatoos.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Citron Crested, Cockatoo - Galah
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: England
County: Kent
City/Town: _


Hey everyone,

My name is Georgie. I am a fun, cheeky, but super lovable bird. I am a hybrid cross between a galah and citron crested cockatoo, so there isn’t many of me around.

A little bit about me…. I’m about 5 years old and I am a bird with a big personality. I will be your best friend as soon as you allow me the time and patience that I need to trust you. And of course, for you to trust me. I love my safe-house dad the most, We are best buds, we share everything….  But, If I don’t get my way I can be bolshy and bite, so you need to be confident around me – but then again what Bird doesn’t bite?

I have just started to eat some fresh fruit and vegetables. Sweetcorn and peas are my favourite so far. I do love a walnut; they are my absolute favourite! I really love being out the cage with my dad… I really like to help him in any way I can. I help him with work, help him with the cage cleaning, I help him empty his pockets or I’ll simply just sit on the ropes above him and keep an eye on him while he is watching the football. I do really like to sit on his lap and fall asleep or have belly and neck tickles. My favourite thing is to go in the shower, and I will dance and sing while in there.

I can be loud, but not as loud as my roommate. (He is a cockatoo) I only scream when I get excited – mostly when I hear my dad’s voice when he comes home from work. But I do quieten down after just a few minutes. I like to chat a lot, some of it is gibberish (lol) but I do clearly say “Good Boy Georgie” and “Night, Night Georgie”.  If I like you, I will greet you by bobbing my head up and down whilst wolf whistling.

I only tolerate my safe-house mum. I will allow her to only change my food and water… I might dance for her, but that is it. But, I’m good with company – you can have friends and family around and I won’t bother you. As long as you put me to bed around 8pm, 9pm in the summer. I don’t really like Dogs; they scare me and I do shout at them if they come close to my cage. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, I can live with other birds, as long as they don’t want to bother me. I’m happy with that. My African grey sister from another mister sometimes likes to try and nibble my tail feathers, but we can actually be out of our cages in the same room together

I come with a huge corner cage with lots of toys and perches. I am a right puzzle solver and enjoy untying knots. I don’t like being put back in my cage. I just want to be out all the time. I know that’s not possible as I do like to nibble everything if I’m not supervised. I can be bribed in my cage with something that belongs to you…. I like to have a little bit of comfort in my cage… it could be anything from a tea cup you (and me) have drunk from or a spanner… anything that is yours… I’ll then happily go back in my cage… I just want a bit you close to me.

Ideally, I’d like my new home to have someone home a lot more… so that I can have 4 hours or more out the cage a day. I truly am a wonderful bird with heaps of personality. I really hope someone reading this will think I’m their missing puzzle piece to complete their family.

With all the feathered kisses and dusty cuddles,
Georgie. X



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Cockatoo – Citron Crested, Cockatoo – Galah

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