Jaffy – Blue Fronted Amazon – 120620 (Special Case, Blind)

Requirements: Quiet home with plenty of time to offer this special girl.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Blue Fronted


Hi. My name is Jaffy – and I am a friendly, special beautiful Blue Fronted Amazon looking for a loving forever home.
I’m around 25-30 + years old and I am Blind.

I love spending time sat on my Safehouse mums’ shoulder. I am not keen on my Safehouse Dad and will try to bite him. I also react to male voices by calling so you know I am unsure about them. So, I would probably be best suited to a female living alone or a couple with the female being the main carer.

I am a very quiet, gentle little bird. I only make a noise to alert my Safehouse Mum that I am feeling nervous or scared. This is usually because I can hear other people\\’s voices in the house or on my Safehouse Mums phone. As I cannot see where these people are, it scares me. When my Safehouse Mum has visitors, she puts me in another room in a smaller cage, otherwise I become scared and start shouting. I like some quiet time in the afternoon.

When I came to the Safehouse, I was very underweight and quite fearful of people. Once my safehouse mum realised I was blind and kept things quiet and talked to me when she approached my cage, so I knew she was there and talked to me while she was sorting out my cage, I felt more secure.

I have been a very brave little girl and have let my Safehouse Mum teach me how to step up from Inside my cage. My Safehouse Mum talks to me to let me know she is there and says “Step up” while cupping her hand under me so I can feel where her hand is. I am then able to step up and hold on to her fingers. My Safehouse Mum cups her other hand gently over my wings with her hand to take me out of the cage in case I lose my balance and It makes me feel secure.

When I’m on my Safehouse Mums shoulder she tells me to “Step up” when it’s time to come down. She scoops me up with both hands, turns me over and holds me in both hands up right. One under me one on my wings. I do not mind this as I feel secure. She then takes me to my cage; I will feel for my bowl and hold on with my beak. Then feel around for my perch. Once both my feet are down and I am balanced my Safehouse Mum lets go of me.

Due to being Blind I have little balance and fall easily. I need you to watch me closely when I am out of my cage and if you are holding me to ensure you are ready to catch me. I love sitting on my Safehouse Mums shoulder chatting to her. This is the only place I feel secure, when being held and I will climb up you to get there.

My Safehouse mum holds me sat on the sofa or on the floor in case I fall. I like my Safehouse Mum to sing gently to me and I will join in. I also like my Safehouse Mum to say “Hello Jaffy” so I can copy her. My Safehouse Mum says I have the sweetest little voice, just like my personality.

I can only have a few toys in my cage at a time, to enable me to move freely and not get trapped up in them. I am a good climber and enjoy hanging upside down. My Safehouse mum puts my toys at the end of the perches so I can find them and enjoy playing with them when I find them. It’s important I get exercise daily. So, I will need someone who can take me out of my cage a few times a day for some exercise. I love exploring the floor and furniture with you nearby.

Being an older lady, I am very chilled and love to sit and listen to the world go by. But I really enjoy chatting to my Safehouse Mum. I can say “Hello Jaffy”, “Don’t forget to shut the door” which is a great reminder in case you forget! I like my Safehouse Mum to say “Hello Jaffy” so I can copy her. My Safehouse Mum says I have the sweetest little voice, just like my personality.

I do live with other birds a cat and a dog who are all generally quiet. I do get scared when there is a sudden loud noise. If you have pets and they are noisy I will not like it and get stressed. If there is a loud noise, I need reassuring you are there and its Ok. So, a nice quiet home would suit me ideally. If it is My Safehouse Mum pets making the noise, she tells me who the culprit is. So, I can learn what sounds the other pets are making and that they are not going to hurt me when they are making that noise. I will still alert you to the fact I am feeling scared by shouting and raising my wings. I settle down quickly and don’t react to much unless it’s too loud. I do shout “Shut Up” at my roommate a Cockatoo, if he suddenly starts shouting for no reason, as it is quite annoying, but I settle down very quickly once things are quiet.

Since I have been here at my Safehouse, I have tried lots of different fruits and vegetables. My favourite things to eat are Sweetcorn, Peas, Green beans, Apples and Grapes. I also love Walnuts as a treat. My Safehouse Mum adds crushed up Zupreem pellets and Avipro vitamins to this for added nutrition. As I really do not like pellets and of course I like seeds, but not as much as my veg. I have a bit of toast with my breakfast which I really enjoy. My feet were very pale when I arrived. But with better nutrition the colour is improving, and I am feeling much better.

I love a warm shower a couple of times a week in the bath. I like to make a little soft growl at the start, as I was not expecting it. But once I realise it is just water, I enjoy relaxing under it. I get cold very quickly, so it’s very important that after a shower I am kept warm until I am fully dry. I look after my feathers very well as they are my pride and joy. I am not keen on young children as they make a lot of noise and it scares me.

I am happy enough with my own company but not all day as I can’t entertain myself with toys like my room mates and need to get out to stretch my legs on the floor. So would suit someone who is at home a lot of the time or works Part time and can dedicate enough time to support me out of my cage. I think I would get on better with older children or teenagers who can understand and respect my need for things to be quite and calm.

I like you to leave the Tv on quietly for entertainment if you go out.

Note from safehouse: Could you be the person to offer a loving forever home to a special little girl?
She is so quiet, happy and very content little girl. She is very confident and loves interaction with the people she trusts. She has been a pure joy to Safehouse.

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Amazon – Blue Fronted