Joey – Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – 041019

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Lesser Sulphur Crested
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Aberdeenshire
Gender Preference: Either


Hello, my name is Joey! I am a very funny and clever boy looking for my forever family. I don’t have a preference to my safehouse mum or dad, as long as you have plenty of time and love to give.


I’m missing the feathers on my legs and the majority of my body under my wings but I don’t pluck them anymore, so hopefully they will all come back in time with some love and care.

I’m an early riser (usually between 6.30am – 7am) and will let you know I’m awake and want my breakfast by making some high-pitched noises, if you ignore me for too long, I’ll then start screaming just in case you didn’t hear me! This is the only time I really make any noise in my safehouse, I’m pretty quiet throughout the day other than occasionally cackling like a witch and talking to myself.

I love food and will dive head first into the bowl before my safehouse mum has even properly put it in the holder in my cage. I’m not fussy and enjoy a range of vegetables, pellets, seeds and treats.

It’s always exciting to get some out of cage time with my safehouse mum and dad.  I love to dance to music, one of my favourite songs is Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day. I also love to run around the floor and play with my toys. I’m still getting used to this new freedom and lifestyle so it can be a bit overwhelming for me sometimes. If you sit on the floor with me, I will come and sit on your leg and rest my head in your hand so you can tickle my face. I will also affectionately lick your hand with my tongue. I’m quite clumsy and can’t really fly too well so the floor and low furniture is the best place for me to be in case I get a fright and fall down.

I’m very messy and love to shred cardboard, paper and wood. Once it’s shredded, I love to push it out through the bars of my cage and offer it to my safehouse mum to sweep up, I’m just so thoughtful !!!!. I currently share a room with another Cockatoo and I’m okay with that but would also be fine being the only bird in the house because I can get quite jealous. More love and attention for me please!

When it’s time for bed I will make kissing noises and say “goodbye Joey”. I go to bed around 7-8pm and sleep right through the night without making a peep.

I’m looking for a confident and patient person to love and care for me and show me how great life can be. I have a lot of love, kisses and laughs to share, could I share them with you?

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Cockatoo – Lesser Sulphur Crested

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