Joey – Senegal – 020520

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Senegal
Gender Preference: Male
Country: England
County: Kent
Comes With Cage: Yes


Hello my name is Joey

I am a 20yr old Senegal and looking for a family home that has a male as my main carer, I really love my safe house dad and his older son, but I’m not so comfortable with women. Although I let my safe house mum clean my cage and feed me, she must NOT put her hands or fingers in my cage when I am in it or I will bite her.

I am a charming and engaging parrot. I love to copy singing and whistling and I blow raspberry’s at you which the humans here find funny. I will also giggle at you and play peekaboo. I used to spend a lot of time in my cage and I love it. I’m happy to sit in it watching television, but i prefer sitting with my safehouse dad even more. if I don’t like something then I will say “I don’t like that”.

Despite my plucking issues, I am a very happy little chap in and out of my cage, I do have a scream every so often, I am happy to sit on top of my cage whilst my safe house dad is at work, but will take myself in for a bite to eat, drink and a nap. When I do that, my safe house mum will close my door for a couple of hours and I don’t mind that at all. I love to shred paper and cardboard but I’m not so bothered about other toys, except for my mirror – I chat to the bird looking back at me. I am a very good boy as I take myself off to bed at 7pm and I do like to be covered at this time, although I don’t mind if you are still in the same room when I am sleeping.

I love it when any male comes into the house and I will say “peekaboo” or “peeka Joey”.  I tap my cage and I will wave for attention. I also have a bell that I love to ring when I want anything.

Do you think you could be the perfect man for me ? I will give you lot of love, laughter and kisses, and I won’t even complain if you have a female in your life.


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