Jombolena – African Grey – 070620


Requirements: Must have an African Grey for company.

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: African Grey
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Gloucestershire
City/Town: _


Hello my name is Jombo (Jombolena). My Safehouse Mum thinks I’m quite a character and I’m very clever and quiet.

I do prefer males to females, so would prefer a home with a male as the main carer. I am very timid and whilst I would quite like to stepup on safehouse dad’s arm, i am to scared to do that right now. Although I do like to make a game of trying to bite my safehouse mum – he he he. I am a quick learner though and I have just learnt to step up in my cage on to a perch if you need to move me.

I spent many years locked in my cage so I am cage territorial as this is my safe space. Sadly my cage isn’t actually appropriate for me and my Safehouse mum thinks that with a nice new cage, lots of time outside it and patience I will be much happier and more confident, and not so protective of my home. I like interacting from inside with my anyone that will talk to me and I really enjoy the company of my safehouse birds and especially their dog. I love dogs although we are never out at the same time.

When out of the cage I like to sit on top of it and watch the world go by. I have had lots of toys to play with at my Safehouse and I am beginning to really enjoy playing with them. I think I might like to be introduced to a play stand at my new home, so I can spend time away from my cage and build up my confidence away from it. I can’t fly yet, but I am practicing using my wings and I am getting stronger each day. So hopefully in the future I will be able to do this. I also love being outside in the garden when the weather is nice. I like being in an aviary or just outside in my own cage. My safehouse has chickens which I enjoyed watching them.

I would love a forever home that has a lot going on like a family or someone who can spend time with me. I talk very well and enjoy talking and interacting with anyone. I do like to mimic noises and I am good at talking. So would like someone who will play games with me. My Safehouse dad puts different sounds on his phone which I like to copy. When my safehouse parents are out I enjoy watching CBeebies on the TV.

So how about it could you give me a forever home with the love and attention I deserve?
Love Jombo

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African Grey

Comes With Cage