Jovi – Yellow Sided Conure – 080920

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Conure - Yellow Sided
Gender Preference: Either
Comes With Cage: No
Country: England
County: Surrey
City/Town: Woking


Hello my name is Jovi and I am the most handsome, loving and charming little man out there! I am very sociable and my favourite thing is to hang out on the shoulder of my safehouse mom; that is until I see my Safehouse Dad, and then I can’t control my excitement and fly to him immediately! I really enjoy the fact that my safehouse parronts are home a lot and I can spend time with them even when I’m in my cage.

I am such a wonderful chatterer and will tell you all about my thoughts and dreams. I also speak your language rather well and will happily show off to you and copy you. I also have started to copy the outside birds and love to have a good chuckle. I love cuddles, especially snuggling into safehouse parents’ neck while they work and love scratches and strokes.

I am very useful in that I will make VERY sure you are notified by any form of alarm, be it fire alarm or kitchen timer by shrieking until you reassure me all is ok. I can also sing you the song of my tortured people if you ignore me. However that isn’t very often and never when I am out. I don’t mind my safehouse pets… but the new fluffy one looks a bit like she wants to eat me so I am wary of her and will warn my safehouse parents if she is getting a bit cheeky.

I’m not a fan of those small humans that like to grab at me and will make sure they understand that by nipping them. I don’t nip hard – just enough to tell them no!

I really would love a home where I can be out with someone most of the day and just be loved back as much as I love – which is LOADS! I love to walk around the house and investigate and chase a ball and if not watched “taste” some furniture. Be warned though I love carbs and have even gone so far as to climb into a bag of crisps to get a delectable snack (yes yes I know it’s bad for me!) and to open a Tupperware container to get into my seeds!! I can fly and will fly to where I want to be, but it isn’t as fun as walking as you can investigate when you walk. I eat pellets and love grapes and fresh fruit and vet to nibble on. I like baths too. I really am the best little guy you could find!

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Conure – Yellow Sided

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Comes With Cage