Max – B&G Macaw – 320316B

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Macaw - Blue & Gold
Comes With Cage: Yes
Country: Scotland
County: Renfrewshire
City/Town: Glasgow
Gender Preference: Either


Hi my name is Max and I am a rather handsome Blue and Gold Macaw of undetermined age.

I am a nervous and shy chap and am not handleable. I can be cage territorial, but that’s because its my safe space. I’ve got two damaged wings and so I don’t often venture out of my cage or far from it. My safehouse mum hasn’t ever seen me fly and suspects that I can’t.  Despite my physical disabilities I’m a gentle boy, and never bite.

I really enjoy the company of humans and other birds from a safe distance. Whilst I haven’t interacted physically with any of the other birds here, I’m glad they’re in the same room as me, and my favourite perch is the one closest to my neighbouring bird’s cage.

Despite being timid, I will scream for attention from my Safehouse mum and I love to dance with her if there is a good tune on the radio. I also know my name, a fact I share by shouting it loudly hee hee!  I do swear a bit (sorry) and also talk quite a lot of gibberish.  Whilst I’m ok being left on my own with the TV for company for a few hours, I really would be sad if I was left alone all day.

I’m a really good boy and I’m quiet through the night, only making a noise if one of the other birds disturbs me. I wake up when the rest of the house wakes. I do expect breakfast to be served very promptly first thing, and make myself heard if you aren’t quick enough. I love shower time, and my safehouse mum gives me daily sprays and takes me in the shower at least once a week so I can have a proper good soaking.  I also love playing with my toys, and your pots and pans!

I don’t mind if I live in a busy or quiet household as long as there is lots of time to give me attention. I think I’d like to live with other birds, but this would need to be carefully managed so that I would have enough time and attention, to help me become confident and allow my personality to shine through. There are dogs here and I’m very weary of them coming near my cage, especially the black one. I’m pretty sure he’s up to no good and I wouldn’t want to encounter another black dog in my new home.

So how about it, can you find it in your hearts to give an unassuming big bird with wonky wings and a desire for human companionship a lovely forever home?

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Macaw – Blue & Gold

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