Ollie – Citron Crested Cockatoo – 010718

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Cockatoo - Citron Crested
Comes With Cage: No
Gender Preference: _
Country: England
County: Sussex


Hi, my names Ollie I’m a Citron Crested cockatoo, I’m not your typical loudmouth Cockatoo, but I do have my moments of screaming,

I am currently Safehoused with 2 African greys, which is fine, but if I’m around another too or macaws (larger birds) expect me to be a lot noisier. I love cuddles, strokes & kisses from my Safehouse mum. I don’t step up but I allow my safehouse mum to pick me up, depending on my mood you need to be careful, so my Safehouse mum will then put my play stand up against my cage with the door open & I climb on. I am a very sociable Cockatoo, but I do get very jealous if I don’t get all your attention “as you should only have eyes for me”! I love being out of my cage, but you need to be patient, just because you think I should go back in doesn’t mean I do!!

My favourite treat is a pistachio, I eat veg my very favourite thing is broccoli if you don’t give me broccoli I sulk. I am a very fussy eater & I must be coaxed to eat a bit of fruit & new foods. I love my toys but am very destructive with them (normal for cockatoo’s) so you will need a good supply. I like foraging toys to play with, I love my “boing” rope swing but do like to shred it so you will need to keep an eye on me. I live with a dog in my Safehouse but I’ve never lived with cats.

Ideally, I would like a female carer that will give me lots of attention fuss & interaction. I have the radio or tv on during the day & you will know when it’s my bedtime because that’s when I’m a typical noisy Cockatoo. I love a shower when on my shower stand & I like being sprayed I don’t come with my own cage, but I do have my own carry cage.

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Cockatoo – Citron Crested

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