Ollie – Orange Winged Amazon – 9230615

Bird Type: Companion
Breed: Amazon - Orange Winged
Comes With Cage: Yes
Gender Preference: _
Country: England
County: Lancashire, Staffordshire
City/Town: _


Hi! My name is Ollie and I’m a charming, laid back, Orange-Winged Amazon.

I suppose the first thing I should tell you is that I’m very much a man’s bird. I’m not aggressive to women or children, I’m fine with them being around, but I LOVE men. If you’e a man you’ll be able to handle me with no problem. I’ll step up for you and give you tons of love. My safehouse people say I’m a real sweetie and no trouble at all. I’m not a noisy fellow (except right around feeding times when I get super excited) and I’m fine with other birds. If you’re a man, I’ll snuggle into your neck and stay there for ages while you watch television. I’m also happy to just sit on top of my cage and watch the world go by while you get on with whatever humans need to do. I’m also a pretty good flyer, so you’ll have to stay on your toes with windows and doors to keep me safe. I’m still working on getting as much fruit and veg in my diet as I know I should, but I know you’d be able to help me with that. Meanwhile, I love Tidymix or Johnson and Jeff’s Low Sunflower blend. I come with my own cage which opens on the top and suits me perfectly. You might find that I seem a little timid at first, but it really won’t take me very long to settle in and get comfortable. I think you’d quickly see that I’m a delightful gem of a bird for just the right man. Could it be you? I can’t wait to meet you!

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Amazon – Orange Winged

Comes With Cage


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Lancashire, Staffordshire